Canadian native tribes ask PM Trudeau to get them some Cuban slave doctors

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Grand Chief Jerry Daniels.

If Spain, Italy, and Jamaica can get Cuban slave doctors to help people die under the illusion that they are being treated by real doctors, then why not also the “First Nations” of Canada.

That’s right. Canada’s native tribes fear that the Canadian government can’t or won’t send enough medical teams to them, so they would like to ask Castro, Inc. for help.

Oh… but it seems they need permission from Chief Posing Weasel Trudeau in order to do that….

Being an economically-disadvantaged segment of their socieity, First-Nation Canadians may not flock to Cuban apartheid resorts in search of a dream holiday in great numbers — like millions of their white Canadian neighbors — but they sure do follow the propaganda spewed by the Castro Ministry of Truth that is constantly regurgitated by the world’s news media.

Chief Posing Weasel Trudeau doing what he does best

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Castrogonia has jumped to 80 (which means that the real number must be much, much higher), and the Ministry of Truth has admitted that one of the newly-infected victims — a musician at an apartheid resort in Varadero — was infected by an Italian tourist at the resort, and that this musician has passed on the virus to at least 53 other Cubans.

Tthat admission is significant. It is a tacit acknowledgement that Cuban-to-Cuban transmission is possible indeed. Up until now, various Mininstries had been claiming that all diagnosed cases of coronavirus on the island had contracted the virus abroad.

Meanwhile, headlines such as “In the coronavirus crisis, Cuba is putting others to shame” continue to flood the news. And never let it be said that the Ministry of Truth isn’t paying attention. Today, one of Castro, Inc.’s main propaganda rags is running an article entitled “CNN praises Cuba’s policy on preventing diseases.”

Yeah, thanks, CNN. Thanks, Newsweek.

Lord Have mercy.

Cuban slave doctors preparing for mission to Canada

Abridged from CTV

The head of the Southern Chiefs’ Organization is writing to the federal government, asking that Cuban doctors be allowed into Canada to help First Nations communities respond to COVID-19.

Grand Chief Jerry Daniels is asking for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to allow the Cuban Health Care Brigades to come into Canada to assist First Nations communities.

“We want to do everything possible to mitigate potential problems for our health outcomes in southern Manitoba,” Daniels said over Skype on Friday. “We want to give all of our communities the opportunity to develop and work with healthcare professionals and hopefully mitigate all of the problems that potentially we could face.”

“They’ve been very, very good at entering a community that hasn’t been given a whole lot of opportunity to develop their healthcare strategies, and they’ve been able to help and support good health outcomes,” Daniels said. “They’ve received awards for that.”

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Hey, I’m ready to help… I’m a nurse, you know…
Chief Posing Weasel

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