Canadian tourists trapped in Cuban apartheid hotels face huge bills, beg for loans from their own government

Kimberley Bradley, 50, is waiting for an emergency loan from the federal government to pay her hotel bill in Cuba.

From our Perils of Apartheid Tourism Bureau with help from our Karmic Debt Desk

Tired of hearing or reading about Cuba’s extraordinary humanitarian response to the current plague crisis?

Well, here’s a different kind of story….

Hundreds of Canadian tourists who were foolish enough to travel to Castrogonia in search of a dream holiday in the midst of one of the worst pandemics since the Black Death are now facing financial ruin.

Castro, Inc. lured them to the island — along with countless other fools– promising a plague-free environment,

But when it became all too evident that the plague was hitting Cuba hard, thanks to the infected tourists who flocked there, Castro, Inc. slammed the door shut on all foreigners and quarantined them in its apartheid hotels and resorts, charging them FULL price for their accommodations.

As of today, there is no end in sight for this quarantine, as well as no limit in sight for the colossal bills these apartheid-loving tourists are running up.

Yeah. Do you think the mobsters of Castro, Inc. would shelter any cash-rich foreigner for free, or cut them some slack, even in the midst of a plague?


Or, as those tourists are more likely to hear in Cuban-accented English: “Yes, Caneidian frens, yu got tu pei guat yu ou….. yugotupeiguatyuou…. yu no… como dice la cancion… as de ol’ mambo song sez: toma chocolate paga lo que debes…”

And, surely, apartheid tourists from other nations are also finding themselves in the same tight spot.


We love our humanitarian causes, especially when they bring us hard cash

From CBC News:

Cash-strapped and stranded abroad, hundreds of Canadians are waiting for an emergency loan from the federal government because they need money to pay for hotels or book flights.

The Canadian government has paid out $1.8 million in loans to 525 recipients through the COVID-19 Emergency Loan Program for Canadians Abroad. It is currently processing another 800 loan applications, according to Global Affairs Canada.

The repayable loan of up to $5,000 is intended to cover flights back to Canada, or basic expenses, such as hotels and food, until citizens can return home. There are currently 391,451 Canadians signed up to the Registration of Canadians Abroad. 

Kimberley Bradley, 50, of Pembroke, Ont., says she needs the emergency loan to cover her hotel bill in Varadero, Cuba. She’s been forced into quarantine with hundreds of other travellers and only has enough cash to cover four more nights, she said.

“People have run out out of money. They’re waiting on emergency loans, begging the hotels to wait,” she said. “I have no room left on my credit card.”

Bradley said she has booked three different commercial flights out of Cuba in the past 10 days, each paid for on her credit card, but they’ve all been cancelled. Each time, she received credit for future travel but no refund.

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  1. Uh, maybe it’s time for Canadians to find a better place to vacation. Here’s a clue: Try a non-totalitarian system that’s not in a third-world shithole. You’re welcome.

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