As coronavirus health crisis intensifies in Cuba, Castro dictatorship repression intensifies as well

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From our Castronoid Weapons of Mass Distraction Bureau

As ever, Castro, Inc. is crushing all dissent and ensuring that no correct information about life in Castrogonia makes its way within the island or beyond it.

Women and independent journalists seem to be their main targets lately.

No surprise, really. But pointing out that Castro, Inc. has no genuine humanitarian ethics is even more necessary now, when so many around the world are being so easily fooled into praising it for its handling of the current plague.

Meanwhile, the “nasobuco” acquires a whole new meaning as a symbol of repression.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Amidst restrictive measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, March was “the most repressive month in Cuba so far in 2020”, with an increase in violations of civil liberties and women activists were among the most affected, according to a report of the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH).

“It is regrettable and worrying that in the midst of the situation that is taking place in the country, and internationally, the Cuban government continues with its repressive strategy,” said Yaxis Cires, an advisor to the organization.

Of a total of 192 arbitrary arrests, 114 were against women. The OCDH network on the island also registered 27 police summons against activists and members of independent civil society, including journalists.

With these summons, the political police seek to intimidate the journalists “so that they do not tell what is happening in Cuba at this very difficult time,” Cires stressed.

The report highlights that among the most used repressive actions by the regime were “violent arrests, fines and threats”, in addition to “acts of repudiation, assaults, beatings” and police sieges on homes.

The OCDH, based in Madrid, Spain, warns in its report that “in the coming weeks, the Cuban government can shield itself from the pandemic to further limit freedom of expression and other civil rights.”

The regime could, among other actions, “increase the repression against independent activists who report on the reality of the island” amid social discontent over the worsening economic crisis.

The Observatory recalls that in the past “the Cuban government has used major global events to lash out against internal opposition.”

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  1. And not that anybody but “those people” cares, but such lines NEVER existed in pre-Castro Cuba.

  2. And btw, that “nasobuco” is not a good look for D-C. Maybe his wife should make him a better one at home–she can always get material from that batilongo she wore during the royal visit.

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