Mexico begs Cuba for slave doctors; Cuba grants wish

Francisco Duran, Director of Epidemiology, Cuba,

From our Bureau of Cash Influxes, Slave-Dealing and Propaganda Bonanzas

No surprise here. More of the same, except with more bells and whistles than usual.

If one Googles “Cuba News” what one will find is not surprising either: About 90% of the news stories that pop up are all effusive tributes to the goodness of Castro, Inc.

At the Ministry of Truth in Havana, the oligarchs must be partying hard, nasobucos and all.

As for the other 11.5 million Cubans….. well, you know…. to make an omelette you need to break a few eggs. Collateral damage is always acceptable when making the most of a dire situation.

From Granma Ultra-Lite (AP) via OICANADIAN

 The government of Cuba announced Tuesday that it will send to ten medical experts to Mexico to assist in the fight against the coronavirus covid-19.

The director of Epidemiology of Cuba, Francisco Duran, did not specify when or where will be sent the “10 partners for health” that will be sent to our country.

According to the news agency AP, it is a strategy of the socialist government to help its neighbors to combat the pandemic of coronavirus.

Just Monday, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that he held talks with the government of Cuba, but said that only I would ask for support of the island if the health system mexican viera collapsed.

In recent weeks, Cuba has already sent 600 doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians to 15 countries, among them Andorra, Italy, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Before the pandemic, Havana kept thousands of physicians in over 60 countries as part of agreements of long duration to cater to poor sectors of the populations of these nations.

To date, Mexico has not had that type of exchange with the caribbean nation.