“Perfect storm” brewing as Cuba runs out of food during coronavirus plague

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Once upon a time, long ago, before the Castro dynasty hijacked Cuba, the island nation had no need to import much food –except for non-tropical fruits and vegetables.

Cuba’s fertile soil also produced surpluses of all sorts, and, as everyone knows, it was the world’s top producer of sugar.

Well, thanks to Castro, Inc. and its deranged socialist central planning, the island can no longer feed its own inhabitants and the government needs to import 60% of its food. Moreover, since it has no cash or good credit with which to buy that much food, starvation looms on the horizon.

And, worst of all, as food runs out and lines form at stores, Cubans find it impossible to observe social distancing.

So…as you can see in the photos above and below, it seems that food, face masks, hygiene, and social distancing are all incompatible with socialism.

Vamos bien! Requete bien!

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters):

From the seafront capital Havana to the foothills of the Sierra Maestra mountains, Cubans are defying fear of the new coronavirus to search for food as global trade disruptions worsen shortages of basic goods on the Caribbean island.

Residents of all ages are trudging from store to store in the country to locate scarce goods despite recommendations from health experts to stay at home and respect social distancing guidelines to avoid contracting the highly contagious disease.

Communist-run Cuba imports more than 60% of its food, but the pandemic has forced its government to close the borders, denying it the hard currency from tourism needed to pay for goods from overseas. The leisure industry accounts for 25% of the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

With shortages biting, many residents are using apps to swarm shops when coveted products arrive – from chicken and cheese to powdered milk and tomato sauce – creating long lines on the streets of Havana where police attempt to keep order.

While Cuba has faced scattered shortages ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union began in 1989, they have worsened since a decline in aid from socialist ally Venezuela and a tightening of decades-old U.S. sanctions under U.S. President Donald Trump.

Now they are intensifying as the pandemic compounds Cuba’s cash crunch and disrupts international trade and food prices.

“There is a queue for everything, products are scarce,” Havana resident Luis Alberto said as he waited in a line for chicken that stretched for more than 100 meters (330 ft)…

…“There is a perfect storm brewing. By May, the food situation here will be much worse,” a local agricultural expert said, requesting anonymity due to restrictions on talking with foreign journalists.

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  1. Castro, Inc. will simply blame Trump (like everybody else) and milk the crisis for all the foreign aid it can get, including obviously from the “diaspora,” but it will NEVER admit the truth or take responsibility for it.

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