Happy Blessed Easter / Japi Bendita Iste

From our Bureau of American Holiday Symbols Rooted in Paganism That Baffle All Cubans with assistance from our Bureau of Most Important Holy Days on the Christian Calendar

Take your pick…

Traditional... Pascua de Resurrección…así debe ser, Aleluya!”

… or Anglo-Germanic-American-Celtic-Druid-Nordic-Whatever…. “Ay, Dios mio, que es esta locura… de donde salieron estos huevos, conejos, y pollitos, y que tienen que ver con la Semana Santa…???”

Or…. Old-time Cuban… “pero que es esto?”… (Not really an Easter image, but hey, it’s festive and adequately exotic, tropical, and B.C. — Before Castro)

1 thought on “Happy Blessed Easter / Japi Bendita Iste”

  1. Yes, I’ve always found the bunny and eggs business distinctly, uh, dubious, not to say cringeworthy. As my mother would say, no es cosa de gente seria.

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