Nicaragua’s carelessness with plague sets off alarms, brings coronavirus to Cuba


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When it comes to dangerously phony plague statistics, Nicaragua seems to have outdistanced Castrogonia.

Its carelessness is so atrocious, in fact, that it’s attracting attention outside of the Cuban imperial orbit. The Washington Post sums up the disaster with this headline: “The president has vanished; his wife, the VP, says the coronavirus isn’t a problem. Nicaragua declines to confront a pandemic.” 

Yes, puppet dictators Daniel Ortega and his lovely wife  Rosario Murillo have simply vanished during the crisis and according to one report, they’ve gone into hiding because they’re terrified of catching the plague.


Today Nicaragua reports that this carelessness has cost Castro, Inc. dearly, but their article fails to mention that the carelessness of Nicaragua’s colonial masters in Castrogonia is really to blame, since it kept inviting visitors from abroad, claiming Cuba was “safe.” :

In the past 15 days, the Public Health Ministry in Cuba has confirmed Covid-19 contagion in three citizens who presented symptoms after returning from Nicaragua. This could reveal an “epidemiological blindness” on the part of the Nicaraguan Health Ministry, since up until now, the State hasn’t recognized the existence of these cases, nor announced any investigation of them.

“One case, you could dispute; two cases maybe, but now three cases, and in a sister nation, doesn’t leave you any room for doubt. Cuba is a political, military and strategic ally of the government,” stated epidemiologist Alvaro Ramirez.

The first case of contagion in someone who arrived in Cuba from Nicaragua was confirmed on March 27. The traveler was a 54-year-old woman who arrived on the island March 16, and 10 days later presented symptoms. With respect to this case, Martha Reyes, the recently named health minister in Nicaragua stated that it must represent a confusion.

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German news outlet Deutsche Welle sums up the situation in a video report :

Nicaragua coronavirus inaction raises fears of unchecked spread.

Global health officials have warned that Nicaragua’s government is risking the health of people across Central America by not imposing measures to slow the virus’ spread. President Daniel Ortega’s administration is urging Nicaraguans to celebrate Easter as usual.

Puppeteer King Raul and his colonial puppet

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  1. The Murillo witch always looks ghastly, but that second photo of her is the worst I have ever seen. She looks like a complete and utter freak, not just hideous but scary. Talk about unfit to be seen. And yes, she is the real power in Nicaragua and has been for some time. Lord have mercy.

  2. Also, the awful crone obviously has some sort of (cheap) jewelry fixation, something I have seen before in a woman who was mentally disturbed and on meds for that.

  3. Murillo is the (very) low-rent version of Cretina Kirchner, and no doubt she’s genuinely a mental case as opposed to just seriously venal and corrupt, but they’re both manifestations of the same Latrine essence, which ultimately amounts to being full of SHIT and being oblivious to the smell.

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