Plague question of the day: Where is Cuba’s Raul Castro?

From our Bureau of Impertinent Questions

Plague is raging,but King Raul is nowhere to be seen.

Not a word from him either.

All the knights of his Rotten Table are out there in front of the cameras, nasobucos strapped to their muzzles, giving orders, prohibiting this and that, telling lies, as required of them.

But where is Raul? Where is the brave medal-bedecked warrior of the Sierra Maestra, the five-star general, leader of the Armed Forces, supreme head of the Communist Party?

Why has he disappeared?

Ay! Me encanta ser rey, pero esta corona no me gusta na’

1 thought on “Plague question of the day: Where is Cuba’s Raul Castro?”

  1. Where? Same place he and Big Bro always were during the “insurgency.” Well out of harm’s way–only the virus is FAR more dangerous than the laughably ineffectual Batista was.

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