Increased government repression and negligence in Cuba during coronavirus pandemic

Groups denounce the increase in repression and negligence by the socialist Castro dictatorship during the coronavirus pandemic in Cuba.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Groups and noted activists denounce repression and negligence by the Cuban regime in response to the coronavirus pandemic

A large number of opposition and human rights groups along with noted activists have called on the world to “close ranks against coronavirus infections, repression, and misery” on the island.

The signers of the open letter say that “today, while we believe we may be in time, we have the responsibility to alert and attempt to protect our people against the tendency to worsen a crisis that can become a national tragedy of unmanageable proportions.”

The denouncement also alerts the “international community to the intensification of repression by the dictatorship’s authorities and the consequent increase in risk of COVID-19 infection this practice presents to citizens.”

The declaration claims that in the last few days, as the pandemic spreads across the island and the number of those who have died grows, the regime in Havana “is increasing its repressive actions against peaceful opposition members, political prisoners, human rights defenders, independent journalist, and anyone who calls attention to the alarming reality of life in the midst of scarcity and the current COVID-19 crisis.”

In addition, the denouncement highlights that “many activists, but also regular citizens, have been detained, threatened, had their cell phones confiscated, and in fact physically assaulted and taken to prison by authorities for taking a photo or publishing something on social media,” all of which have become reality across the country.

The letter details the worsening situation on the island “because of chronic shortages of food and basic products” while the authorities continue imposing additional restrictions on the private sector.

“Cubans are forced to stand in long lines that become massive crowds just to get the little the state stores offer, which makes it practically impossible to adhere to basic measures to avoid infection,” said the letter.

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  1. Very simple and totally logical–it’s all about the prime directive: staying in power. Period.

    Again, the “revolution” was never about or for the Cuban people. It was about absolute power for life for the ruling class–which will never change as long as it’s in power. Deal with it.

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