Miami Herald reporter wishes a coronavirus death to conservative voters in Florida

The Miami Herald has never hidden its disdain for conservatives in South Florida and by extension, Cuban Americans. Likewise, reporter Fabiola Santiago has never hidden her contempt for fellow Cuban Americans because the majority vote Republican.

Since the election of Trump, Santiago has railed against conservative Cuban Americans, calling them racist and traitors to the Hispanic community because they don’t adopt or support the progressive agenda of the left. So it was not much of a surprise when she published a tweet hoping conservative voters in Florida get infected with coronavirus and die:

This loathsome and hateful comment is par for the course for Santiago and The Miami Herald. The paper has spent decades attacking South Florida’s Cuban Americans and conservative voters calling them idiots and racists driven by hatred. And then the Herald wonders why their subscriptions in South Florida continue to drop.

Of course, Santiago ended up deleting her tweet. But as the old saying goes, the internet is forever.

In a later tweet, Santiago claimed her initial tweet did not communicate the true message she wanted to convey of continuing extreme social distancing policies in Florida. It seems she wants us to believe wishing conservative GOP voters to be infected with coronavirus and die doesn’t mean she wishes harm upon them. As if her original tweet wasn’t insulting enough, her assumption that everyone is dumb enough to believe she just used some unfortunate wording is just as insulting.

To be fair, the Miami Herald has some really good journalists on staff. But as Fabiola Santiago shows us, they have some awful ones as well. Combined with a leadership that has spent decades attacking and heaping derision on the Cuban American community, it explains why few people in South Florida believe or read The Miami Herald.

11 thoughts on “Miami Herald reporter wishes a coronavirus death to conservative voters in Florida”

  1. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth, so I’m at a loss for words, and the woman is not worth it anyhow, because she’s beneath contempt. We should simply treat this like seeing a pile of fresh dog shit on the sidewalk–just walk around it and move on. Santocielo, el asco.

    And by the way, if she’d said anything comparable aimed at forbidden targets, she’d lose her job. But don’t just blame her; blame her enabler, from which I’d reject even a free subscription.

  2. The forbidden subjects, of whom there is a lot to be said, as in overrepresented ethnocentric usurpers who have long managed to control the microphone, are the reason said media doesn’t represent Miami nor the reality of the nation as a whole but rather insults them.

    The Miami Herald, after all, is no more than The New York Times of the south. Said media can only be described as a morally corrupt bastion of obnoxiousness and propaganda serving the left in the cheapest and most desperate of ways – to say the least.

    Santiago’s hateful words aren’t deemed hate speech, of course, becase “hate speech” is merely speech THEY hate. She will get a slap on wrist, if that, and it will be back to business as usual.

    As stupid, hateful, divisive, and slanderous as her words are, they get the job done and the job is no more than to push the narrative on the fools who subscribe to it.

  3. As I recall, this is the same woman who dared to criticize, publicly and in writing from her Herald perch, the venerable old men of Brigade 2506 for exercising their right to endorse Trump in 2016, as if she’d been so morally superior that she was entitled to do it. That’s forever, too.

    Qué clase de gentecita nos gastamos, hasta en el corazón del exilio.

  4. But maybe we should be more objective. I expect she relieved herself of this, uh, twittering jewel because she thought she was being a) brilliantly sardonic, b) impeccably PC, and c) cleverly promotional of her brand. After all, the field of such media people is extremely crowded, and it’s easy to get overlooked in the crowd. So, from her perspective, it could have looked like a good move. See? Everything can be explained somehow. Making it wash, of course, is another matter.

    However, she’ll get a pass from the Herald. It might press her to “apologize,” but again, she did not go after forbidden targets (and never would), and she’s “correct.” If a Dem can get away with sporting blackface, let alone being a member of the KKK, she can skate for this well enough.

  5. The Miami Herald has for decades used token, self-hating, unprincipled arrastrado Cuban American writers to attack their own community, two-bit writers willing to throw fellow Cuban under the bus in order to advance in their journalistic careers. It works like a charm. The publishers at the Herald can be racist as f–k and then turn around and say, Oh, but a Cuban wrote that! (Chuckle, chuckle)

  6. Yes, Ray, the Herald has long practiced bashing or sticking it to “those people” by Cubanoid proxy. Still, to be fair, Cubans never made that sufficiently costly to the Herald, so why wouldn’t it keep getting its jollies? No doubt the inclination to bring the “chihuahuas” to heel is strong.

    • Absolutely Asombra. Cuban Americans have never made it costly to Herald. They continue to buy [$$$$] the Herald and its Spanish version el Nuevo Herald. [sigh]

  7. I am reminded, and not pleasantly, of the Marifea person, among other examples of the Herald simply spitting in our face because Cubans let it. The concept of decoro, meaning dignity, was sacred to José Martí, but not so much (if at all) to way too many Cubans.

  8. Come on!…this heiffer reads whats expected by her employers..and serves it up to their taste..bucking for a seat on The View? 3rd stringer at CNN in case Acosra gets sick? The Herald has more commies listed in their payroll than the Havana phone book..wonder if she is an alternative life style type? has the looks..

  9. The best excuse, of course, is that old and ever-popular politician’s dodge: “I misspoke.” Ugh.

  10. It’s by no means just a media thing, though the media in general is putrid. There are Cuban(oids) in many fields, being “good little Cubans” and following the PC script, sometimes quite overtly and even aggressively, as if to atone for the existence of “those people” and both placate and impress the usual suspects. It’s a disgusting business.

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