New York Times jumps to the defense of communist dictatorships in China and Cuba on coronavirus

The left’s hatred of Donald Trump means they will take the side of anyone who opposes the president, including totalitarian, corrupt, and murderous dictatorships. But let’s not fool ourselves; it’s not like The New York Times needed a Trump president to inspire them to jump to the defense of communist regimes. They have a long history of coddling and supporting murderous leftist dictatorships.

Via News Busters:

NY Times Defends ‘Scapegoat’ Communist China, Cuba on Disease Response

The New York Times is quick to attack Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but readily defends Communist countries way of handling contagious diseases, as on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times, “G.O.P. Aiming To Make China The Scapegoat – Bid to Shift Blame Off Trump for Response.”

By definition, a guilty party cannot be a “scapegoat.” China is undeniably guilty of being both the initial spreader of the novel coronavirus, and is responsible for its global outbreak, for failing to warn the world while squelching whistleblowers who tried to get the word out.

Oblivious to those facts, reporters Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman made it all about Trump and the Republican Party shifting blame.

“The strategy could not be clearer: From the Republican lawmakers blanketing Fox News to new ads from President Trump’s super PAC to the biting criticism on Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter feed, the G.O.P. is attempting to divert attention from the administration’s heavily criticized response to the coronavirus by pinning the blame on China.”

The same edition featured another example of reporters preferring actions of dictatorial regimes: A long, depressing front-page analysis by Donald McNeil Jr., “What the Next Year (or Two) May Look Like,” was offensive from a couple of angles, hailing Cuba’s Communist dictatorship for its fight against AIDS in the 1980s. McNeil defended the regime’s involuntary quarantines of AIDS patients that lasted until 1993. Theater troupes!

“In the 1980s, Cuba successfully contained its small AIDS epidemic by brutally forcing everyone who tested positive into isolation camps. Inside, however, the residents had their own bungalows, food, medical care, salaries, theater troupes and art classes.”

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  1. And to think the NYT is still considered some sort of “gold standard” by lots of people. It’s just more evidence of how badly things (or rather, people) are fucked up.

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