Cuban ‘exile’ Yo-Yo’s stranded in Cuba fly back to the U.S.

From our Bureau of Extreme Moral Turpitude

320 Cubans who got trapped in Castrogonia by the coronavirus plague lock down were rescued yesterday by the U.S. government, which chartered two flights for them.

Those rescued were permanent residents or U.S. citizens, which means that they were all Yo-Yo’s.

One of those Yo-Yo’s announced that he was going back to Castrogonia as soon as possible because the island slave plantation has everything he needs and fewer coronavirus cases.

Now, that’s a Super-Yo-Yo.! Give the boy some kind of prize!

Via Miami’s NBC 6 News:

There were more than 300 people on the two charter flights from Havana. All passengers had to go through health screenings before they cleared customs.

Because of concerns over COVID-19, the American Embassy is only doing emergency services, but there are still many Americans stranded on the island.

Embassy officials said more than 800 legal residents and U.S. citizens remain in Cuba. It was unclear if that figure represents any of the people on Friday’s flights.

The embassy said they will continue to explore options to bring citizens home. Many Americans will have to remain in Cuba for the time being until the Cuban government reopens its airports for international travel.

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5 thoughts on “Cuban ‘exile’ Yo-Yo’s stranded in Cuba fly back to the U.S.”

  1. Such delay should have given these douchebags enough time to take countless pictures of themselves posing in front of state-owned tourist traps such as “La Bodeguita del Medio” because “Oye, a miiiiiiiiiiii ni me impolta la poliiiiiitica ni na’ de eso”.

    Of course, the nation that receives them, like the nation that sends them, knows these dense ignoramuses serve a financial and political purpose.

    • Gallardo,

      Yes, that’s their uniform response: “A miiiii no me impolta la poliiiitica ni na’ de eso” and that’s usually followed by, “ustedes lo pusierion en poder, quitanlo ustedes.” And they’re chusma as hell and shout and start getting guapo on you, yep, they are real guapo here, but very doe-like and sheepish in Cuba. My mother in her very direct way would say, NO TIENEN DIGNIDAD. Le meten el dedo en el culo y se lo dejan meter.

      These people are truly detestable. Too bad the airplane didn’t crash!

  2. I’d say something, but the matter is clear enough, and more than disgusting enough.

    Besides, even if I were José Martí trying to reason with these people, it’d make no difference. But, they have a better excuse than Cubans born and raised before 1959 who still flushed Cuba down the toilet, as if it had been the third-world shithole it is now. Lord, the revulsion.

  3. Perjury these MFs comitt when they come here claiming persecution …then at the end of the ICE interview they ask when it would be ok for them to return, course after they apply for every benefit paid by us.. F em!

  4. We’re talking about people (de)formed by a profoundly perverse system that both practices and promotes parasitic behavior, amorality, and being two-faced, all of which is just “normal.”

    It makes far more sense for “new men” to act this way than for Cubans to have turned what Cuba was before 1959 into what it became after the Castro takeover.

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