Facing a lack of doctors, Cuba’s dictatorship deploying unqualified personnel to deal with COVID-19

Sports trainers assume the role of medical personnel in Cuba during the times of coronavirus.

Cuba’s socialist dictatorship is deploying unqualified personnel to deal with the coronavirus pandemic after shipping its enslaved doctors all over the world in an effort to earn hard currency.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cuba deploying unqualified personnel due to the lack of doctors because of coronavirus

The local newspaper Vanguardia is reporting that Villa Clara authorities are training workers from the Institute of Sports and Physical Recreation (INDER) so they can step forward and assume the duties of medical personnel as they face the worldwide coronavirus pandemic affecting the island.

“Their professional experience has no direct relation to medical science, but they know about humanism and the discipline of the Cuban sports system,” said the region’s Communist Party officials in justification of using INDER professionals to “work in confronting” [the virus] at the Celestino Hernandez Robau Hospital, known as an older health facility in Santa Clara.


Cuban doctors on missions throughout the world during times of coronavirus

While the government is enlisting non-healthcare personnel to confront coronavirus, hundreds of Cuban doctors and nurses have been shipped to several countries during the pandemic for the purpose of generating revenue for the State’s coffers.

Some thirty Cuban medical brigades have arrived in countries such as Nicaragua, Venezuela, Jamaica, Granada, Andorra, Italy, Argentina, Cape Verde, and Suriname, among others.

In some cases, such as Mexico, they will not actually be working as medical personnel. There, the role played by Cubans will be as instructors. The Antillean professionals prepare and train Mexican personnel in the process of intensive therapy and the treatment of intubated patients.

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  1. Lack of doctors? Even mass-produced ones? In Cuba? Impossible. Possible, you say? Can you say MAJOR scandal without ANY excuse? Sure you can. Only nobody cares but the victims.

    The message is clear: those who can’t pay in hard currency will get “free” health care, just not necessarily medical. Nothing personal, just the prime directive–power requires real money.

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