Women in socialist Cuba protest over lack of water and resources while battling COVID-19

Women in socialist Cuba are fed up with the negligence and incompetence of the Castro dictatorship, which cannot provide running water or the resources needed to combat coronavirus.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

A video that has gone viral among the island’s population shows images of residents of the Luyano neighborhood in Havana protesting over the lack of water amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, ADNCuba as well as Diario de Cuba posted the video, which shows a group of Cuban women denouncing the calamities produced by the lack of water in their Havana neighborhood.

The group says it has been more than a week since the neighborhood has water.

After angrily throwing a pile of dirty clothes on the street, one of the women, clearly upset, said “what these people [the government] want is for us to die.”

Another participant in the protest emphasized that they have made appeals to the government, to the National Assembly, to “anyone and everyone,” but they haven’t even gotten a water truck.

Later on in the video they stress that there are children in the neighborhood with “scabies,” with “chicken pox,” and with dengue, and that they have repeatedly called the phone number given them for such situations and nothing has been done.

They then ask where they need to go to put an end to so much misfortune while listing all their difficulties, such as the lack of food for the children and elderly, the existence of extremely long lines,” and once again ask: “Who will speaks for us, how far will they take us?”

Finally, all of them joined together to say the government is not responding to them in any way.