Expensive Cuban slave doctors not welcome by all in South Africa

Very expensive slaves

From our Great Moments in Human Trafficking Bureau with some assistance from our “Ka-Ching!” Desk

The South African Medical Association (SAMA) has issued a complaint against the hiring of Cuban slave doctors by their country’s government.

The complaint focuses on the cost of this “humanitarian” mission, which amounts to nearly 24 million dollars (440 million South African Rands ).

SAMA chairperson Dr Angelique Coetzee is also calling attention to four additional uncomfortable truths:

  1. That SAMA was not consulted.
  2. That there are many idle South African doctors who could have been called into service.
  3. That South African doctors earn much less than the Cuban slaves.
  4. That most of the money paid for the Cuban slave doctors goes directly to Castro, Inc.

From 2 Oceans Vibe:

The arrival of over 200 Cuban medical doctors in SA is set to cost the country hundreds of millions of rand.

In documents seen by Business Day, projected costs for a medical brigade of 187 Cuban personnel was R440m (24 million US dollars). An even bigger contingent arrived in SA on Sunday, consisting of 217 personnel, the publication reported.

The documents showed that the average cost of the Cuban medical brigade was projected at R2.35m a person ($127,883 US dollars)…

…SAMA chairperson Dr Angelique Coetzee  pointed out that there are many unemployed doctors in the country, and said the decision to look abroad at this time was a “little bit premature”.

It’s also worth noting that Sama says a local public sector registrar or mid-level medical officer, which is roughly comparable to a Cuban family physician, earns around R1,2 million per year

Yet the average cost of the Cuban medical brigade is projected to come in at around R2,35 million a person?

Seems a little strange.

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Very expensive slaves

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  1. These are idle complaints, even if they’re perfectly true. Saint Mandela would have approved. Move along.

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