Coronavirus forces communist dictatorships throughout the world to cancel May Day festivities

For decades May Day has been the day for communist dictatorships to hold parades and festivities where dissidents are rounded up while others are forced to attend and pretend they enjoy celebrating their brutally repressive totalitarian rule. This year, however, coronavirus gave the oppressed a break.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Communists Do Without Lavish Parades on Somber May Day

The world’s Communist governments and their supporters largely made do on Friday without the lavish parades, violent mobs, and attacks on dissidents that typically embolden International Workers’ Day, or “May Day.”

Once a pagan holiday to mark the change in seasons, May Day became “International Workers’ Day” in the late 1800s and early 1900s in the hands of white Marxists seeking to create a “proletarian holiday” in the West. Currently, the world’s Communist nations typically use May Day to force citizens to engage in thousands-strong rallies to celebrate their ideology, believed to have killed at least 100 million people throughout its history.

Outside of the Communist world – particularly in European capitals like Paris – Marxists use May Day as an excuse to riot violently and intimidate law-abiding citizens in the name of upholding workers’ rights.

The Chinese coronavirus pandemic – itself the product of a communist society – has canceled nearly all of the world’s mass gatherings, however, making it impossible for much of the international left to celebrate its flagship holiday. Instead, governments and leftist groups organized “social distancing” observances of the day.

In Cuba, dictator Raúl Castro tasked his second-in-command, “President” Miguel Díaz-Canel, with leading what state propaganda outlet Granma called “a proletarian assault on the digital plaza from home,” a reference to the traditional venue for Cuba’s May Day parade, the Plaza of the Revolution in Havana.

“We will not march in the Plaza, but from our homes we will celebrate that workers lift and sustain the Nation despite embargo, wars, and threats,” Díaz Canel said last week on Twitter, a reference to the poorly enforced American economic embargo on Cuba.

On Friday, Díaz-Canel posted a photo of himself wearing a sanitary mask and using the hashtag #MiCasaEsMiPlaza, or “My House Is My Plaza,” on Twitter. The goal, Cuban officials insisted, was to turn Twitter itself into the venue for a communist rally.

“Our homage and applause to those who sustain life and defend it with sacrifice, submission, and commitment,” the communist official wrote.Other Cuban officials boasted large shrines to late dictator Fidel Castro in their homes in lieu of the giant posters typically carried in Cuba’s parades.

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