Afro-Cuban human rights activist disappeared by the socialist Castro dictatorship

Cuban human rights activist Enix Berrio Sardá has been missing since May 1st. So far, the Castro dictatorship has refused to provide the dissident’s family with any information about his whereabouts.

Via Europa Press:

The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH) has denounced the disappearance of the activist Enix Berrio Sardá this Saturday and has transferred the facts to the UN working groups on arbitrary arrests and forced disappearances.

The activist has been missing since noon on May 1, as reported by his own family and collected by the Observatory.

Berrio’s daughter has telephoned several police stations and she has been told that she is not in custody. However, not giving information about the whereabouts of those arrested for political reasons is usually a practice of the Cuban political police, the OCDH highlights.

“The Observatory holds the Cuban government responsible for the physical integrity of our collaborator. The repressive climate against society and opposition activists must stop immediately,” said OCDH executive director Alejandro González Raga.

“The Cuban government uses the framework of a global crisis to intensify the repression, just when the institutions and the media focus their action on containing the spread and fighting the pandemic,” González said.

Berrio Sardá had filed a formal request on Wednesday for the Cuban National Assembly to declare unconstitutional two articles of Decree Law 370, also known as the “Spanking Law”, used by “the repressive forces of the Cuban Government” to impose fines on citizens for the use of social networks to express criteria contrary to the official ones, according to the Observatory.

This could be the reason for the authorities’ arbitrary action against Berrio.

Those crickets you hear chirping are coming from the Congressional Black Caucus and socialists like AOC and her squad, who will not utter a single word against a Cuban dictatorship that brutally oppresses Afro-Cubans. Once again, we see their “movement” is not about racial justice, but about absolute power and destroying those who dare disagree with them.

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  1. The only black (or minority) people that matter are those who can be used by or useful to the usual suspects, including the black usual suspects. A bad Negro in Castrogonia does not count and is thus treated as a non-person. The pattern is very well established and very, very clear.

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