Cuba reports total of 2,744 coronavirus cases & 67 deaths, as tightly-packed food lines and crowds increase

Cubans line up in Cuba

From our Recipes for Disaster Bureau in cooperation with our Bureau of Magical Realism in Statistics

The wizards of magical realiism at Castro, Inc. continue releasing highly questionable statitstics and fuzzy numbers as food shortages worsen and Cubans continue to ignore social distancing.

Saturday’s figures: 38 new cases, a total of 2,744 hospitalized, and 67 dead.

At tje same time these wizards report a total of 1,649 coronavirus cases. Does this make sense? What’s the difference between these 1,649 cases and the 2,744 who are hospitalized?

Then they throw out fuzzy numbers: 1,947 “suspected” cases and 6,515 “under vigilance” at home.

Good luck interpreting these figures.

Meanwhile, Cubans throughout the island crowd together tightly as they wait in long queues for foold and other necessities.

Cubans line up in Cuba
Cubans line up in Cuba

Disregard for social distancing seems to be a peculiar Cuban trait.

Cuban “exiles” in Hialeah have been lining up for unemployment benefits in tight disorderly queues too. See image below and Video report HERE.

Sosiadistansin? No me jodas…Aquí en Jayalia eso no hace falta…

Cubans line up in Hialeah