Socialism in action: Violent repression in Cuba at the highest levels in years

This is what socialism looks like in communist Cuba. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Prisoners Defenders report indicates repression in Cuba has risen to the highest levels in recent years

Repression in Cuba is on the increase as it hasn’t been seen in years, said Javier Larrondo, president of Cuban Prisoners Defenders to Radio Television Martí.

“The profile in all the arrests taking place at this time varies. There is repression associated with COVID-19, but also outside of it,” said the attorney, speaking about the latest report for the month of April that documents 134 political prisoners, among them eight activists sentenced in April.

“The repression through imprisonment that took place this past month raises the level on an already unpleasant tendency towards three to four political prisoners every month, which confirms unprecedented repression and explains the weakness of the regime as shown by State Security, which reports directly to Raul Castro.

“This weakness, evident in other aspects as well, cannot be a reason for complacency since in these moments, their response to the situation has been the most repression by the Cuban State in recent years; repression that has as its objective the neutralizing of any efforts to foment change on the island,” the CPD report said.

The report indicates that at this moment, “more effort is necessary […] to achieve on one side pressure on the oppressors and diminish the intensity of their aggression, and on the other side, send a message to the population and others in the State apparatus to empower those who rise up and to not participate with the actions taken by State Security.”

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