Without food or soap, Cuba’s coronavirus plague crisis worsens

From our Vamos Bien Bureau

While the world’s news outlets praise Castro, Inc.’s handling of the Wuhan Plague, the hellish existence of natives on the island slave plantation of Castrogonia keeps worsening.

Next in line — quite likely – – famine will arrive, the second horse of the apocalypse, galloping at a fast clip behind the pale horse of plague.

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Starting this Monday, in the municipality of Centro Habana, the most affected in the capital by COVID-19, it will only be possible to buy in the markets with a special identification card for residents of the area.

The authorities are trying to reinforce measures to comply with social distancing, however, the insufficient supply of food and toiletries throughout the country continues to create large crowds of people lining up in front of stores, say Cubans interviewed by Radio Martí.

In Los Palacios, Pinar del Río, the rations being sold are insufficient and incomplete, and people are still thronging the streets, says freelance journalist Maikel Norton.

“There is absolutely nothing. Everyone is desperately running after whatever little item the government makes available anywhere and the concentrations of people are really terrible,” he said.

From the capital, Pedro Acosta, from the Doña Ceci palate, concludes that the government has no response to the current crisis.

“The malanga and the sweet potato have vanished. The beans disappeared a long time ago. I do not know how long it’s been since we had some toothpaste, Every day there are fewer and fewer products. It is possible that this situation will get out of hand in the pandemic, “he noted.

Ramón Salazar, a resident of Isla de la Juventud (Isla de Pinos), highlights that the paralysis of private transport worsened the food supply. “Many of those who work there relied on private transportation to fetch the products,” but now “everything is at a standstill,” he explained.

From Baracoa, in Guantánamo, Emilio Almaguer warns that people do not even have the money to buy the little food that arrives at the stores.

“Supposedly this government has a social policy focused on the people, but it is a shame that nothing is being distributed for free, or as a gift. We have no income, we have nothing,” he said.

whole sad story HERE in Spanish

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