Castro dictatorship sets up bank accounts to receive donations to ‘help’ the Cuban people

Cuban puppet president Miguel Diaz-Canel and puppet vice-Prime Minister Alejandro Gil

Just when you think the Castro regime could not be any more brazenly shameless, the socialist dictatorship proves you wrong. With the coronavirus pandemic taking a huge bite out of the totalitarian regime’s revenue stream, they have set up bank accounts where foreigners can donate cash to “help” the Cuban people.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

On Monday, during their regular meeting to analyze the situation in Cuba during the coronavirus pandemic, the island’s government announced it will open bank accounts for “those who wish to make donations” to Cubans.

According to the details published on the state-run site Cubadebate, the Vice-Prime Minister Alejandro Gil said the initiative looks to confront the crisis facing the island because of COVID-19 and bank accounts will be established for each province.

Gil explained to those in the meeting, which included ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel, that the new measures included “opening bank accounts in each province to receive cash donations, in CUP or CUC, from people who want to help the situation in the country created by the pandemic.”

Of course, little, if any of the cash donated will go to actually helping the Cuban people. The money will, however, help the Castro dictatorship finance and maintain its machine of repression in operation.

2 thoughts on “Castro dictatorship sets up bank accounts to receive donations to ‘help’ the Cuban people”

  1. Don’t blame shameless parasites for being what they are. Blame those who let themselves be suckered.

  2. Just imagine the sort of, uh, transparency that will be involved regarding use and destiny of donated funds. But yes, they will get some money this way, even if not as much as they would like.

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