2 thoughts on “Meme of the Day: What people imagined you would look like when they say you don’t look Hispanic”

  1. The tragedy is that this never more evident than in Hollywood where Hollywood casting agents tell Cuban actors that they are not going to hire them because they don’t look Cuban and then they go out and hire chicanos whom they think look Cuban. Its not a coincidence that out of three programs on TV at the moment that proport to be about Cuban families, “One Day at a Time,” “The Baker and the Beauty” and “Diary of a Future President” only one actor is Cuban!

    • Oh, but it’s all very logical, after a fashion. Cubans are supposed to look how their betters envision them as well as act how their betters think they should. The fact that their betters so often fail to get one or the other goes a long way to explain their aversion to “those people.”

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