Castro dictatorship sending agents door-to-door in Cuba to collect donations to the State

The Castro dictatorship is sending its agents door-to-door to collect cash donations for the State from the very Cuban people it oppresses, steals from, and enslaves. When you’re a socialist state, you have no need for shame.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Bill collectors will be visiting homes to ask Cubans for donations to fund ‘food production’

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cuban government is sending door-to-door its bill collectors who pass out invoices for electricity, gas, and water to the population to have them also ask for “donations” to the State.

After explaining the call will not apply to “those who work for state-owned companies” because obviously, they manage public funds and that would be the equivalent of moving money from one pocket to the other pocket, the Vice Prime Minister and Economic Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez made clear on Tuesday that despite all the efforts to destroy it, the private sector is now providing jobs to the state sector.

They’re referring to it as “donations in national currency.” This indicates that this time the government is rejecting foreign donations after the lesson it learned during a similar campaign a little more than a year ago after the tornado that whipped through Havana in January of 2019.

“The International Finance Bank has an account open […] for those living in a foreign country who are interested in making a monetary contribution,” the official state media website of Cubadebate reported. “They can also send an email to [translated: donation for havana @ mincex dot gob dot cu].”

In June of 2016, this bank was absorbed by GAESA, a business conglomerate owned by the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR). This is likely where the donations, with no public accounting, will end up. Since it’s launch, the campaign has been an utter failure.

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3 thoughts on “Castro dictatorship sending agents door-to-door in Cuba to collect donations to the State”

  1. One would have to be extremely stupid to donate so much as a penny to the official Castro, Inc. apparatus. Actually, one would have to be retarded. We’re talking ZERO transparency and ZERO accountability–except for fabrications put out to suit the regime. The ploy is a serious insult to even average intelligence.

  2. The thing is, Cuba has sunk so low and been there so long that people on the island may not find this utterly outrageous but merely lame. In other words, they’re totally used to such brazen BS, so in a sense they accept it as “normal,” and since they totally expect this from the regime, they don’t necessarily hold it against it–sort of like dealing with a “problem” relative. It’s all highly twisted, of course, but I suppose people stuck in shitholes learn to get used to the shit.

  3. I know it’s par for the course, but it takes some chutzpah to plaster the failed ruin that is Cuba with pictures of the chief causer of its ruin. However, unlike Mao, he didn’t cause the deaths of millions of his own people, and Mao’s bloated visage is still up and running in China.

    Lord, the revulsion.

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