Spain’s socialist government helping Cuba at the expense of its own people

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his entourage at Castrogonia’s holiest shrine

From our Bureau of Socialist Neocolonialist Sugar Daddies

It’s difficult to imagine how Castrogonia could survive without Spain, which has lately become Castro, Inc.’s newest sugar daddy.

Call it neocolonialism, call it aggressive leftism, call it whatever you want…but there is no denying that the latest stunt pulled by Spain’s socialist/communist government stinks to high heaven.

Medical supplies that are scarce or unavailable in Spain — one of the hottest plague hot spots in the world — have been sent to Castrogonia.

Castro, Inc.’s top oligarchs beam as they sign cooperation treaty with Spain

From PanAm Post

Spain has the second-highest number of reported cases of coronavirus in the world. Instead of prioritizing local supply, the socialist government has chosen to supply materials to its ideological allies. It sent Cuba Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that is no longer available in Madrid pharmacies.

In theory, Cuba is a medical powerhouse. In reality, however, the country has shortages of even basic hygiene supplies and is dependent on international aid, which in turn, debunks the myth of the blockade…

…Pedro Sánchez’s support for Havana’s communist tyranny is such that he was the first president of Spain to set foot on Cuban soil since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and he did so to guarantee the flow of euros to the island through the cancellation of a 300 million euro debt.

Now, despite the health emergency in Spain, the socialist coalition government admits that it has exported PPE kits to Cuba to protect its allies during the pandemic.

The deputies of Vox, Alberto Asarta, Emilio Jesús del Valle, Carlos Hugo Roca, Antonio Salvá, and Víctor González, who is also the vice-president of the party, asked the government about the export of material for protection against the coronavirus.

The Government replied in writing: “As the competent authority under Article 4 of the royal decree 463/2020 of March 14, which declares the state of alert for the management of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, a total of 41,738 units of non-specific use other products have been authorized for export to Cuba. Of the total units authorized for Cuba, more than 80% are gloves.”

According to OKDiario, the socialist government not only sends its allies products that Madrid has been lacking for months but also controls their access to and from the country. “We have not had gloves for a long time, almost since the beginning of the quarantine, and there is no provision for that. They have just called us to cancel an order because they have been held back. They have confiscated them. We only have scrubbing gloves,” said employees of a pharmacy in Madrid’s Chamberí district.

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5 thoughts on “Spain’s socialist government helping Cuba at the expense of its own people”

  1. Carlos, I’m afraid this is like reporting that shit stinks, but thanks for the reminder.

    If supposedly right-wing, hell, even fascist Spanish governments will play footsie with Castro, Inc., as they most certainly have since the beginning, what else can one expect from the far left?

  2. Again, as disgusting as I find Latrines, I have come to find the Spanish repulsive. They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing with respect to Cuba. Unfortunately, with respect to Spain, Cubans have learned nothing and forgotten everything.

  3. The sad thing is that Spain itself is a baskcase. It has an enormous unemployment rate, corruption is rampant and if it wasn’t for the European Union, they’d be back to what they were when Franco was around, hovering around Third World poverty level. Yet, they take money from the pockets of the Spaniards via the pocket of the EU to help castrogonia!

    • Maybe you should read about the “Spanish Miracle” before erroneously and propagandistically claiming that Franco had Spain at a “third world poverty level”. The know-it-all leftists can do that themselves.

      Franco practically industrialized Catalonia and made Spain the world’s ninth largest economy in the world. So much for gratitude…

      You should also know that the very dimwits who won WWI and set the stage for WWII, given all the widespread unrest and communist undermining that followed, were the same ones (USA, UK, and France) who never supported Franco’s anti-communist struggle and would have rather seen Spain go red.

      Not to mention their post-war lack of military or political support for the anticommunist rebels during the uprising in Escambray in Cuba in 1959-65, German Democratic Republic in 1953, during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, during the democracy-oriented reforms in Czechoslovakia in 1968….

      Franco was kept outside the Marshall Plan by nations that had previously aided the soviet-backed “Republicanos” clandestinely. He faced crippling sanctions, for decades, imposed by the sanctimonious states that had aided the USSR during WWII and sacrificed/betrayed half the world, including half of Europe, to communism – to then pretend otherwise.

      Franco, of course, knew USA, France, and Great Britain were, like the very Catholic Church, garbage but at that moment they were needed garbage. That is why there are US military bases in Spain till this day and the Catholics were granted more power than they ever deserved. I wonder if USA would ever allow any foreign base on American soil. Of course not.

      By the way, any cuban still glorifying the USA as the “good guys” against communism and Spain as anything other than repulsive is an utter idiot and that is, sadly, most of them.

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