Cuban peasant farmers denounce “fascist” police abuse

Juan José Gómez Oro and his fines

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For the past six decades, Castro, Inc. has been blaming the U.S. “blockade” for all of its failures, including constant food shortages, technological backwardness, building collapses, etc..

In truth, the REAL “blockade” is internal, created by Castro, Inc. itself, a monopoly that owns and controls everything.

Here’s a bit of proof for anyone who doubts this, and the proof comes from peasants who –according to Castronoid propaganda — have benefited the most from the so-called “Revolution.”

21st century socialist progress: Cuban peasant in his “volanta”

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

Juan José Gómez Oro denounced, from the Los Negritos neighborhood, in Holguín, that the Police confiscated from his son Jorge Luis the plantains that he would sell to the population in the midst of the food crisis that Cuba is experiencing and assured that the authorities of the island are the real ones responsible for the internal blockade.

Jorge Luis Gómez Téllez left in the direction of Antilla in a “volanta” (two-wheeled means of transport by animal traction) full of plantains that would be sold to the population for only 5 pesos due to the shortage of food in state markets.

“They took me like a dog to the station, I was there for about an hour and they forced me to give the plantains to ACOPIO,” Gómez Tellez told the independent press. (ACOPIO is Cuba’s State Collection and Distrubution Agency).

For his part, the father of the Cuban peasant declared that his son is not an intermediary for anyone, that is why he sells the plantain bunches for only 5 Cuban pesos, a price quite affordable for many pockets.

Gómez Téllez was imposed two fines of 40 pesos each, although he does not know what the cause is. “They filled out the citation themselves and that’s it,” added the Cuban, who preferred to be detained at the police station.

Peasants do not understand why the Police prevent rural men from directly selling food to the population, especially in the midst of the crisis the country is experiencing, exacerbated by the coronavirus.

“The blockade is right here,” said one of the men to the government that uses the embargo to justify a lack of food in Cuba and asked that this “fascism end now.”

This Sunday the League of Independent Peasants and the Federation of Latin American Rural Women sent a letter to Miguel Díaz-Canel to demand the “lifting of the internal blockade on the agricultural productive forces” of the country. The document was delivered the same day that the ruling party remembers the signing of the first Agrarian Reform Law in Cuba.

Among the demands on the government, the two groups of independent civil society demand free production and distribution, as well as the autonomy to set prices according to the market.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

21st century socialism: pure horseshit

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  1. Oh, it’s hard to say for sure who’s (supposedly) benefited the most from the “revolution,” since the official line is that ALL Cubans are much better off than they would have been without it–which is utter BS but remains a major underpinning for the willful blindness of the usual suspects regarding Cuba’s reality.

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