A message from President Trump on Cuba’s Independence Day

From the White House:

Presidential Message on Cuban Independence Day, 2020

On Cuban Independence Day, we recognize the patriots who fought to liberate Cuba from its colonial oppression and build a society founded on freedom. We continue to stand with the Cuban people as they seek those fundamental rights, and we express our commitment to supporting them as they continue to fight for freedom and democracy.

The United States has historic ties to the Cuban people and remains in solidarity with the millions who have fled the oppression of Cuba’s tyrannical regime in search of a new life. Cuba’s people deserve a government that promotes individual liberties, basic human rights, and opportunities to prosper. The Cuban model represents failed socialism, and we will continue to ensure that Cuba does not export its repression anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere. That is why I took action early in my Administration to implement a strong policy toward Cuba that promotes respect for human rights, free markets, and a transition to democracy in Cuba. America will keep working with our allies and partners in the Western Hemisphere to bring stability, religious liberty, cooperation, and a freer future to the great people of Cuba.

Today, we celebrate the many contributions of Cuban Americans to our American story, and we pledge to continue working with them to secure a better tomorrow for Cuba.

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  1. A message from President Obama on Cuba’s Independence Day:

    America believes in world government where we all get along. No longer do we have to follow the old fashioned idea that America is greater than its neighbors. Cuba has that valiant spirit of independence and creativity best expressed by that Cuban hero, Che Guevara. I stand proudly before this historic monument to this great new Cuba and allow myself to have a picture taken to record my support for the Cuban people and its government.

    Imperialism is the past. American arrogance and domination is history. No longer will America exploit its neighbors., or interfere in their affairs.

    The new way is respect for governments of other countries. We will henceforth honor and respect all shithole countries. OH, NO BE SURE TO EDIT THAT OUT.

    In our arrogance too often in the past America has tried to influence other governments to be like ours.
    In the future America will honor and respect the sovereignty of all governments to be able to go on without America meddling.

    Music maestro – All together now – Imagine there’s no country. It’s easy iif you try….a brotherhood of man, no religion too, nothing to live or die for……

    Trump/Pence in November!

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