Cuban dissident forcibly exiled to Guyana by Castro dictatorship is running out of options

An exclusive report by Frances Martel in Breitbart:

Exclusive – A Year Later, Cuban Dissident Exiled to Guyana Running Out of Options

Daniel Llorente Miranda marked one year this month away from his native Cuba after Communist Party agents forced him on a one-way flight to Guyana. Trapped in a foreign land with no travel documentation, few income options, and an increasingly cold shoulder from the United Nations, Llorente told Breitbart News this week he is running out of options for survival.

Llorente rose to international acclaim in 2017 when, in an act of peaceful protest, he ran in front of Havana’s massive May Day parade waving an American flag. The May Day parade, observing the Marxist “International Workers’ Day” holiday, is one of the regime’s most prominent events. Ignoring the live cameras rolling, about half a dozen Cuban regime agents surrounded Llorente, stole his flag, and beat him in front of a crowd of thousands.

For that intransigence, Llorente spent slightly over a year – just enough to keep him contained during May Day – in a notorious mental institution Cubans know as “Mazorra,” used for decades to torture political dissidents. Authorities told his then-teen son, Eliezer, that “since he believes in God and is always talking about that … they say that is a disorder,” the younger Llorente said at the time.

Upon being released in May 2018, Llorente resumed his pro-American, anti-communist activities immediately, resulting in near-incessant persecution throughout the year. Then, suddenly, Llorente disappeared on May 16, 2019. With the help of Cuban-American news outlet Radio Martí and Guyanese journalist Leonard Gildarie, Breitbart News found Llorente in Georgetown, Guyana, that week.

Llorente estimates that he has been arrested for peaceful dissident activity “15 to 20 times.”

Llorente did not emigrate from Cuba. He did not choose to leave the country. Llorente told Breitbart News at the time that Cuban agents forced him on a flight to Georgetown and threatened to imprison him indefinitely, or worse, if he ever stepped foot in Cuba again.

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