Cuba’s Castro dictatorship dreads a second Trump term in the White House

The halcyon days of Obama surrendering to their every demand and Cuban spy sperm transportation services provided by senate Democrats are now a distant memory for the socialist Castro dictatorship. In comparison, Trump’s first term in office has been a never-ending nightmare. For the first time in decades, the murderous regime is suffering the consequences for its many crimes, including corruption, terrorism, and the brutal repression of the Cuban people.

The last thing the Castros want is another four years of President Trump. They would much prefer a Democrat like Joe Biden, an easy mark they can manipulate, control, and squeeze cash and concessions out of him.

Via AFP:

Cuba dreading Trump re-election, says diplomat

The re-election of Donald Trump as president of the United States would be “the worst” scenario for Cuba, Havana’s top diplomat in charge of relations with Washington told AFP.

“If the Republicans win … it’s a very negative scenario,” said Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, the foreign ministry’s general director for the US.

“It would mean at least a continuation of the policy of aggression against our country.”

Cuba has been subjected to a US embargo since 1962 — but, under Democratic President Barack Obama, tensions were easing.

Then Trump took power and began ramping up sanctions once more, cancelling or suspending many of the agreements made during Obama’s term.

In 2019 Trump added more than 80 sanctions, including those that hinder the supply of Venezuelan oil, discourage investments, give the green light for compensation claims in US courts against nationalized properties, and block commercial and financial activity.

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3 thoughts on “Cuba’s Castro dictatorship dreads a second Trump term in the White House”

  1. It’s really incredible that Obama’s “normalization” would get any significant Cuban support in the US, even if only Cubanoid, except maybe very discreetly. Well, it may not be incredible, but it’s certainly disgusting, and yes, ANY Dem candidate with ANY Cuba policy will get such support.

    Lord, the disgrace.

  2. I expect the greatest fear is that Venezuela will be lost to Castro, Inc., and then what? Becoming a full-fledged Chinese satellite, I suppose. Of course, that’s even more unnatural and grotesque than being a Russian satellite, but a parasite must suck whatever teat will sustain it–and it will.

  3. Trump/Pence 2020 and conservatives added to seats in congress and Republican governors elected – more of them like DeSantis.
    Come one voters. Get real.

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