Cuban women protest the oppression and corruption of the Castro dictatorship

You won’t hear a peep from American feminists or “The Squad” in support of the brave women of Cuba raising their voices and risking their lives to protest the corruption and oppression of the socialist Castro dictatorship. They nevertheless will continue to fight for their rights and their dignity.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Women protest Diaz-Canel, Castro, and corruption in Cuba

An attempt last week to evict a pregnant minor from a shelter in the Parajon neighborhood of the town of Boyeros in the Havana province ended with a protest against the corruption of Cuban authorities.

“All those sheltering here have been thrown to the street with what little they have because they have no respect for them . . . it’s a scandal, and then they say that in Cuba there are no evictions. What I want is for [president Miguel] Diaz-Canel to come here so he can see the condition of this shelter. That everyone is just pocketing cash,” a neighbor angrily yelled in a video shot by the Patriotic Union of Cuba.

Manuel Arias Columba, a member of the organization who filmed the protest, explained:

“In these shelters officials have always done business. Here they have sold homes, they have rented them. The Housing Authority does it in coordination with the government. The main culprit is the chief of the Housing Authority here in Boyeros.”

The activist added that in this building there were three rooms kept closed, “and these women, who are struggling because they have no place to live, broke the seal on one of them and took residence without legal permission.”

“People from the government, the police, and State Security have come here but they haven’t been able to get these three women and one child out because the other residents confront the officials.”

The protesters, the majority of which are women, are denouncing the unhealthy conditions of the shelter.where some have lived as long as 16 years.

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  1. This is perfectly normal for a third-world dystopia, so the usual suspects are fine with it. Move along.

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