Cuban slave doctors in Mexico expose abusive mistreatment and exploitation by Castro regime

Cuban slave doctors sent to Mexico forced to give “revolutionary” salute

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While the news media of the world praise Castro, Inc. for its “humanitiarian” slave doctor program, the doctors themselves reveal the dark side of the business they’re trapped in… and, make no mistake about it, their enslavement is a business, a very profitable business for Castro, Inc., and an awful deal for the doctors, some of whom have already been infected by the coronavirus plague..

Delicious “free” lunch provided for slaves!

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

The Cuban government forced the 578 health workers it sent to Mexico to sign their contracts without specifying the salary to be received, several members of the contingent, who has been in the Aztec capital working for the care of coronavirus patients since the end of April, told CiberCuba. and where they already have 37 colleagues infected with COVID-19, including a doctor who remains in serious condition.

“Before leaving Havana, they gave us $ 660 each to cover the first living expenses in Mexico, but they forced us to sign a contract with the salary line blank, but that money is insufficient and several colleagues have already have been left with empty pockets, ” said the Cuban doctors.

“How much will be the amount that they placed in our contract after coming here? Where is that money? We work, we take risks and the money will end up in the hands of the government,” they asked.

“It is sad but it is true that we are cheap labor; and it’s a lie that we come to do this for ideological reasons. No, we come for money, because we need it, yes, we give love, it is true, but we expect a minimum of respect that the Government of Cuba does not give us” they stressed.

“The heads of the Cooperation Unit told us that it was not yet known what our salary would be here and we all signed the contract under these conditions, since we have families and economic needs to supply and in Cuba with a salary equivalent to 40 dollars a month is impossible, “they added.

“Many will say that with living expenses paid, we should not have spent that 660 dollars they gave us, but we have had to eat in restaurants and buy food because -except for breakfast- what they have served us for lunches and meals is of poor quality, small amounts and -sometimes- even in poor condition,” they clarified.

The Ministry of Tourism of Mexico is in charge of providing food for Cuban health personnel, who are very dissatisfied with this service, which has included “meat with vegetables, which has arrived spoiled, with a bad smell,” among other mistreatments.

“Such are the missions carried out by the Cuban Government, which provide substantial profits, as professionals they only pay us a small sum; in fact, if someone had to interrupt the mission, they are obliged to return part of the 660 initial dollars, “they said.

“They say that we do this out of solidarity, out of solidarity with ourselves and with our families; the government cares about their money, we care about ours, but apart from the disproportion in the distribution of money, in case we return sooner, they don’t give us access to a card with 360 CUC monthly that they leave frozen in an account in Havana,” they commented.

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  1. This shit is so old and so obvious that I’m sick of it. Everybody knows the score–everybody.

  2. If the American government and American corporations, but I repeat myself, do not care about financing sweatshops with suicide nets in China, you can be certain that the Mexican government (who is far less responsable for what happened in Cuba than USA) does not care about patronizing Castro Inc.

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