Castro dictatorship using COVID-19 pandemic to increase repression in Cuba

Cuba’s totalitarian socialist dictatorship is taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to intensify its brutal repression of the Cuban people.

Via Explica/Europa Press:

Cuba: Cuban Observatory for Human Rights accuses the Government of “intensifying” the repression during the pandemic

The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH) has accused the Miguel Díaz-Canel government of “intensifying” the repression taking advantage of the health crisis, despite the fact that the regime has not formally declared a state of emergency due to a pandemic that is accumulating in the island 2,107 positives and and 83 deaths.

According to the OCDH, in May the Cuban authorities carried out at least “67 arbitrary arrests” and “74 other repressive actions,” mainly actions of harassment through police summons.

The director of political strategy of the Observatory, Yaxys Cires, has assured in a statement that the Government is resorting to a “wave of exemplary trials” to “intimidate the population affected by the bad economic situation.”

“The use of the judicial system to impose fear is carried out in violation of due process,” he has denounced, alleging that, for example, the accused usually finds out about the charges against him and has access to a lawyer “a few hours before judgment”.

The official media have reported that more than half a thousand trials have been carried out in Havana alone, mainly for the crimes of contempt, disobedience, resistance, the spread of the epidemic and illegal economic activity, according to the opposition organization.

“It is paradoxical that the government is taking trials with pre-established scripts for people for allegedly not understanding the severity of the pandemic by, for example, not wearing a mask, when the government itself has not declared a state of emergency,” said Cires.

It also sees a “contradiction” that “gives legal lessons to alleged hoarders, businessmen and receivers, when it does not guarantee even a minimum livelihood for citizens or when state stores sell products at abusive prices, when they have bought them at bargain prices in the Foreign”.