The communist origins of the ‘anti-fascist’ movement and Antifa

If it riots like a communist and violently attacks people like a communist, it’s a communist.

Mamela Fiallo Flor in PanAm Post:

What Is Antifa? The Leftist Organization That Wants to Overthrow Trump

Dressed in black and with their faces covered, these so-called terrorist groups sow chaos and violence

What began as a grievance about police abuse turned into a race war even though the chief of police of the city of Minneapolis, where George Floyd’s death occurred, is Black, and at least two of the four police officers involved are from ethnic minorities (Asian and Hispanic). It was the prominence of the racial cause that brought the Black community to the streets in protest, incited by self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” groups known for their violent tactics.

The members of Antifa’s “Black Block ” can be easily identified in the videos of the devastation because they are dressed completely in black and cover their faces with ski masks or bandanas to conceal their identity.

Anyone who opposes fascism is an anti-fascist, say defenders of this group recently labeled a terrorist organization by President Donald Trump. It has even prompted many to proclaim themselves terrorists in solidarity with the actions of these “protesters.” But the reality is that George Floyd’s own family has called for a halt to the violent protests, which Floyd’s younger brother, Terrence, has called stupid.

The communist origin of the anti-fascist struggle

The “anti-fascist struggle” amalgamates contradictory ideas. While claiming solidarity with the Black community, they left it devastated. They destroyed the businesses of their neighbors and beat up those who resisted. Well, “anti-fascism” is accompanied by the destruction of private property as a vindication of their struggle against capitalism, which has also confronted fascism and its own leader and founder, the Italian dictator Benito Mussollini.

Through the financing of the Soviet Union, the first socialist state in the world, groups opposing fascism were born in the 1920s in Italy. (Fascism was, in turn, born from trade unionism and adopted nationalist positions only during World War II). Then, in 1930, under the veil of the German Communist Party (KPD) Antifaschistische Aktion (Anti-Fascist Action) was born, and is still active today. So, contrary to what its defenders claim, it is not simply a matter of being against fascism, but the movement has a political and historical link of support for communism and fighting against capitalism.

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