U.S. forcing Marriott Hotels to get out of Cuba, at last

From our What-the-Hell-Took-You-So-Long Bureau

Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters) reports that the U.S. Treasury Department has ordered Marriott to get out of Cuba by the end of August.

Marriott has been running an extremely ugly apartheid hotel in Havana for a while, on Fifth Avenue, in the once-glamorous Miramar neighborhood, despite the sanctions imposed by the Trumpinator on Castrogonia,

You can take a look at the hotel’s own description of its apartheid amenities HERE

As usual, the Reuters article is chock full of quotes from “Cuba experts” who are denouncing this development and calling for a return to the glory days of Obama’s total kiss-ass surrender to Castro, Inc.

Please note: Our Castrophilia filter has been applied to the text below.

Breakfast buffet for superior beings. No noble savages allowed…

Starwood Hotels, now owned by Marriott, four years ago became the first U.S. hotel company to sign a deal with Cuba since the 1959 revolution amid the normalization of relations pursued by former President Barack Obama….

… A company spokeswoman said the U.S. Treasury Department had ordered the company to wind down its operation of the Four Points Sheraton in Havana by Aug. 31. It would also not be allowed to open other hotels it had been preparing to run.

A U.S. Treasury Department spokesperson said it could not comment on specific licensing matters, but that the administration aimed to prevent Cuba’s military from using revenue from tourism to “oppress its own people”,

The Four Points Sheraton in Havana, like swaths of the tourism sector and economy at large, is controlled by the commercial arm of the Cuban military….

… The news comes two days after the U.S. State Department expanded its list of Cuban entities with which Americans are banned from doing business to include the military-owned financial corporation that handles U.S. remittances to Cuba.

Continue reading HERE If you like Castrophilic propaganda spewed by “Cuba experts.”

4 thoughts on “U.S. forcing Marriott Hotels to get out of Cuba, at last”

  1. Thank goodness I don’t get migraines, or that awful hotel facade would trigger one. Talk about hack architecture–though at least they avoided a Castronoid color scheme.

    And yes, that hotel breakfast spread is an obscenity in Cuba, where even mediocre or worse bread is hard to get for ordinary people–who of course do NOT matter.

  2. Trump has been the best president we’ve had in dealing with the castro tyranny. The worst were JFK, Carter, Clinton and Obama. I’m delighted that Trump has dispensed with Obama’s total acquiescense and capitulation to the dictatorship and is forcing Marriott out of Cuba.

    By the way, the hotel is hideous, no architectural value whatsoever, any normal country would put a standard to the type of hotel that it would allow a hotelier to built on its land, but of course, the vulgar and crass castro regime only cares about money.

  3. Cubans have always expected too much from the US, meaning far more than they were ever going to get, regardless of what the US should or should not have done with respect to Cuba. The very negative flip side to that is failing to do whatever was in their own power to do to free Cuba, even if only for the sake of dignity and self-respect. As long as a US president does not make matters worse, as Dem presidents have typically done, we should expect little more.

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