June 12, 1987: ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!’

On this day in 1987 we watched President Reagan call on the USSR to tear down the Berlin Wall. According to Peter Robinson, a speechwriter, the “line” was discussed and argued about in the US State Department.  Some of President Reagan’s advisers believed the Kremlin would possibly consider the the line as provocative. But in the end, President Reagan said it anyway. 

What a great moment it was. I can still remember holding our 3-week old son and watching it on TV back then. 

Did President Reagan see the future? We will never know, but he definitely knew the USSR and the Berlin Wall were doomed for failure. As we know now, The Berlin Wall eventually came down 30 months later! 

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1 thought on “June 12, 1987: ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!’”

  1. He wasn’t perfect, which nobody is, but he was too good for the GOP, which much prefers a Bush or a McCain (!) or a Romney (!). That’s why it still can’t deal with Trump properly, and why there are actually so-called Republicans, even so-called conservatives (!) who are rabidly anti-Trump. The problem is that establishment Republicans are careerists who only really care about getting elected and staying in office–their goal is to stay in the game, NOT to win it.

    Establishment Republicans are what Cuban writer Juan Abreu calls culogordos, which may not always fit literally but does fit figuratively.

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