Cuban State security responds with violence against activists expressing support for political prisoner

Cuban State Security agents are rounding up human rights activists, beating and jailing them to prevent any demonstrations in support of a dissident and political prisoner. Keilylli de la Mora Valle is currently on a hunger strike at the women’s prison in Cienfuegos to protest her sham trial and unjust imprisonment by the socialist Castro dictatorship.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Violence against activists to prevent them from showing solidarity with imprisoned opposition member

Activists from the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) were followed, arrested, and beaten by police authorities to stop them from carrying out protests in solidarity with Keilylli de la Mora Valle, a member of the opposition group who is on a hunger strike at the Sabana women’s prison in Cienguegos.

Opposition member Zaqueo Baez Guerrero, a member of the UNPACU national board, was arrested on Thursday night in Havana after his house was under surveillance the entire day.

A combination of police and Interior Ministry agents forced their way into his home and after abusing his family, “they arrested me,” said the opposition leader.

He says he was transported to the police station in Calabazar where he was physically abused and later he was taken to the station in Guanabacoa.

They imposed a fine of 150 pesos on him according to Law Decree 141 and released him after midnight without his identification documents, he said.

Lady in White Jacqueline Heredia, her husband, and two other activists, all members of UNPACU, were also victims of police violence on Friday, said Baez.

The four dissidents were arrested the moment they stepped out of their homes in the morning and were held for more than four hours in a police car before being taken to the police station in Zanja. They were held there for several hours and then released with “threats and intimidation,” wrote Heredia on her Facebook page.

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