Cubans protest outside communist office over chronic shortages of food and basic items

Protests in Cuba are rare, and protests outside offices of the communist dictatorship are rarer still. But Cubans have grown weary of the chronic shortages on the island and are beginning to take their complaints directly to the socialist dictatorship.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cubans protest over shortages outside Popular Power office in Moa

A protest broke out in front of the Popular Power office in the city of Moa in the province of Holguin where residents have grown weary of the scarcity of all types of items they are suffering through.

The Cubans have spent days sleeping outside the La Moderna store, which is part of the TRD chain owned by the Cuban government and located in the city’s center across from the government office in that town.

The protest was sparked by shortages that affect all aspects of life not only for the residents of Moa, but all of Cuba, which cannot food or other basic products such as soap.

According to a post on Facebook, a truck had arrived the previous night and delivered a load of merchandise, specifically hygiene products, but the next morning, the store refused to sell any of it to the residents.

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  1. It is not the Office of Popular Power but rather the Office of the People’s Power, a classic example of communist inversion of meaning, since the people have no power.

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