The Big Red Communist Machine is coming for you

For those of us of Cuban descent, we’re quite familiar with how communists demand not only you express the “correct” things, but think them as well. Deviate one iota from their manifesto and they will do anything and everything they can to destroy you.

For those who have not yet experienced the wrath of communists, Jack Fowler from National Review warns it is indeed coming:

The Big Red Machine

Friends, acquaintances, readers, be not delusional: There’s no hiding. Oh, you may try it, but you’ll soon be in a to-no-avail world of not-good-enoughery / calling-out / grovel-demanding / mantra-dictating / abasement-expecting / spousal-under-the-bus-throwing by the morally superior Jacobins brandishing their superior moralities. These Red Guards 2.0 — those sensitive, wealthy, brick-throwing, Ivy-pedigreed brats who were so scared on campus that they needed Play Dough and bubbles and puppies to safe-space their started-a-non-profit-when-I-was-12 tuchuses from being triggered by a calmly expressed differing opinion — will rummage through their cell-phone contacts and Facebook “friends” and find you and text you and commence demanding of you a statement of affirmation, a retweet of a hashtag, a signature of a petition, and a videotaped mortification about your sorry racist self.

All that while, the re-educators, echoing their ChiCom cadres from Cultural Revolutions past, prepare your dunce cap. Well, that’s the SOP right now, anyway. Groupthink demands membership. Do read Alexandra DeSanctis’ piece, “Your Silence Is Not Enough.”

From it:

But the Left’s view of speech is growing more insidious even than that. As the current social unrest has unfolded, vast numbers of Americans have taken to the streets to peacefully protest the unjust killing of George Floyd — a laudable choice, if a bit surprising in light of the global pandemic — or to engage in vandalism, looting, and arson. Many more have taken to social media to promote Black Lives Matter and fundraise for bail funds to release rioters from jail. Almost uniformly, these culture warriors have begun parroting the troubling notion that “silence is complicity,” demanding that we all vocally sign on to their agenda.

According to this view, if you fail to use your platform to speak out about the progressive issue du jour, you are guilty of perpetrating injustice against the oppressed. It is our civic responsibility and obligation to “educate ourselves” — by which they mean accepting and memorizing the prevailing progressive dogma — and then to repeat what we’ve learned, faithful comrades in their holy war.

On one hand, then, progressives work to ensure that contrary beliefs are disallowed in polite discourse. On the other, they insist that we are compelled by the demands of justice to speak publicly about every social-justice issue. If we articulate a view that challenges the progressive creed, they will drum us out of polite company. If we do not speak at all, we are guilty of sinning by omission.

Friends, acquaintances, readers, we can cower and fret that this is what they mean by “the new normal.” Or we can fight this like the dickens.

Let’s opt for the dickens!

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2 thoughts on “The Big Red Communist Machine is coming for you”

  1. Did you hear that someone from Chop in Seattle went for a walk in the other country’s city, Seattle and when he got back all of his stuff was stolen? When he was angry he was told perhaps the one who took it needed it more than he did..

    And did you hear that the inhabitants of Chop are pleading for food and clothing? Too funny. They are getting their first real taste of the Communism they love. Do you think the message will get through to them?
    Perhaps Trump’s doing nothing so far is a good idea. It may be the easiest way to convert these monsters and idiots.

    Cuba is decades old and people are complaining of shortages of food and clothing. This new communist country for the summer of love that the Mayor predicted it would be is learning so much faster.
    But again, what are the odds that the message will be learned?
    From the IQ these jerks and monsters seem to display, I am guessing slim and none.

  2. These idiots decided to show what good people they were. They invited homeless people in to their new country.
    The homeless people stole all their food and clothing.

    They then put up signs begging for food and clothing. Tofu and such were high on the list, of course.

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