Cuban American in Miami cleans statue defaced with communist symbols

The communist symbols being painted on statues and monuments during protests not only insult freedom-loving Americans, they especially insult Cuban Americans, whose families suffered death and destruction at the hands of communism.

That is why one Cuban American took it upon himself to clean one statue in Miami.

Via Miami’s Local10 News:

A vandal recently used red spray paint to outline the Russian Communists’ symbol of the hammer and the sickle over a plaque at the controversial monument to Juan Ponce de León in downtown Miami.

The color was offensive to Jose Armas. Red started to be associated with socialism in the 19th century and with communism after the Marxist-Leninist forces’ victory in Russia.

After a busy day of protests, Armas returned to the Torch of Friendship monument on Monday at Biscayne Park. He brought a ladder and cleaning supplies.

“I don’t like the people doing this,” Armas said. “I don’t like communism.”

Armas was born in Cuba. The lives of many Cuban families who sought refuge in Miami were destroyed after Fidel Castro declared he was a socialist, a Marxist and a Leninist in 1961.

Armas, who is a U.S. Citizen, said he supports freedom of expression and the rights of the Black Lives Matter protesters, he just doesn’t like vandalism or the politics the symbol represents.

See the video report HERE.