Starving Third World students trapped in Cuba beg to be rescued

From our Bureau of Great Moments in Socialist Propaganda

Castro, Inc. loves to invite Third World students to attend its horrifically lousy Latin American School of Medicine.

It’s one of their cash cows, a money-making scheme like the slave doctor program. Third World governments pay the students’ high tuition fees and on top of that give them a living stipend.

And the scam makes Castro, Inc. look so benevolent and righteous. It also gives them a chance to indoctrinate these youngsters and send them back home to sow the usual discord and promote class warfare..

But guess what happens when the cash flow slows down or is interrupted? Yeah, you know….Pa’l carajo con esos comemierdas….To Hell with those fools…. Let ’em starve, just like the Cuban people.

Yeah. Great propaganda moment. These Third Worlders are complaining that they have to live like subhuman Cubans, without food or soap or toothpaste or toilet paper, etc…

…And, just like Cubans, they’re afraid to complain, fearing reprisals from Castro, Inc….

Dr. Yotemato Facilmente y Enseguida, Dean of the Latin American School of Medicine

From the St. Kitts & Nevis Observer:

Days after T&T students from Barbados and Jamaica were repatriated, T&T medical students who are currently in Cuba are also seeking repatriation as they say life has become “unbearably tough” for them.

The students say they have run out of personal hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste and sanitary napkins.

Guardian Media has been informed that there are 21 students, 19 of whom are on scholarship in Cuba.

For fear of victimization, one of the students spoke under strict anonymity explaining how terrible the living conditions have become in Cuba adding that it’s their main reason for pushing to be repatriated until mid-August where they are carded to begin preparation for the next semester of their respective medical studies.

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  1. The problem is the foreign politicians responsible for this sort of situation are (surprise!) politically motivated and using these kids for political purposes–and the politicians are obviously not the ones who have to suffer the consequences. Same goes for all the foreign money flushed down the Castro toilet, because the politicians responsible are not the ones who pay for the loss.

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