Cuban dictatorship announces Hotel Nacional makeover while buildings in Havana continue to collapse

The socialist Castro dictatorship claims it can’t afford to fix the buildings in Old Havana that are collapsing and killing people, but they have money to pay for a makeover of the famous Hotel Nacional. Foreign tourists and their dollars is all the Castro regime is interested in and if a few more Cubans die in another building collapse, well, that’s just the price of perfecting socialism.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

As Cuba collapses, the government announces the rejuvenation of the Hotel Nacional

Amidst scandalous building collapses that have taken place recently in Havana and captured on video, the Cuban government has decided to “rejuvenate” the Hotel Nacional of Cuba.

Approaching its 90th year, the hotel has been given priority over the serious housing issues faced by thousands of residents in Cuba whose homes are literally falling to pieces.

The “5 Star” resort, which is run by Gran Caribe, the Cuban regime’s hotel chain, will renovate its image to make it more appealing to foreign tourists since domestic tourism is practically nonexistent.

Although in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and without a firm date when the island will reopen to tourism, this property continues to enjoy priority status by the island’s authorities. Cuban leadership has a history of funneling resources to serve foreign tourists while Cubans on the island go hungry and don’t even have soap.

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3 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship announces Hotel Nacional makeover while buildings in Havana continue to collapse”

  1. Wait, but you sound as if there’s a problem or inconsistency here. You may have a problem with it, but there’s absolutely no inconsistency. I expect Castronoids would either genuinely not understand your objections or take you for a complete comemierda. Just business as usual.

    Remember, it’s all about priorities, and ordinary Cubans aren’t one. The “revolution” needs (real) money to stay in power, and staying in power (aka the prime directive) is all that really matters.

  2. I have the perfect excuse for the makeover: rename the hotel The Nelson Mandela International. Only racists could possibly object then, according to current fashion. Am I brilliant or what?

  3. In the hotel photo, the tourist buses are circling the palm trees like blue vultures, which they are.

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