Let Netiflix know what you think about Wasp Network

From Marti Noticias

Thousands of Cubans have joined an initiative to collect signatures on Change.org demanding Netflix withdraw the film “La Red Avispa (Wasp Network)”, released last Friday by the streaming platform.

“The Cuban exile community requires Netflix to remove it from its billboard because it defends Castro spies, murderers sentenced in the United States; and portrays José Basulto as” a Capo “and as Cubans involved in aid as terrorists. “indicates the petition that exceeds 7 thousand signatures.

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3 thoughts on “Let Netiflix know what you think about Wasp Network”

  1. Excellent idea (it’s over 11K now), but don’t expect signatures from Obama (who’s tight with Netflix), Biden, spy sperm procurer Senator Leahy, any member of the Congressional Black Caucus or any of the usual suspects in general, not to mention “His Holiness” in the Vatican.

  2. If Basulto (played by an Argentine) was presented as a capo type, Posada Carriles must have been shown with horns and fangs, and he was played by Tony Plana–who is Cuban.

  3. Double standard in overdrive: some relatively well-known anti-Castro Cubans reject this petition because they see it as a form of censorship, but if this were a film defending South Africa’s apartheid government and trashing Mandela, based on a book by a personal friend of the head of that government, I expect pretty much everyone would be foaming at the mouth and demanding Netflix drop the thing immediately–not that Netflix would EVER have gone anywhere near such a film.

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