Cuba finds ingenious ways of using COVID-19 plague to fleece Yo-Yo’s, enhance apartheid at tourist resorts

Head straight for quarantine center, Mister Yo-Yo, and pay Castro, Inc. muchos dolares….

From our Bureau of Castronoid Wizardry

You really DO have to admit that Castro, Inc. has a way of turning a profit from every crisis and of using disasters to enhance its malevolent policies.

This time around it’s using the plague as an excuse to extract more money from “exiled” Cuban Yo-Yos who want to visit their families.

And while they’re at it, they’re also increasing and deepening the segregation practiced at apartheid tourist resorts.

It’s a brilliant plan, worthy of any comic book villain. First, they’re re-opening the island to visitors from abroad.

Then, they’re going to force all Cuban Yo-Yo visitors to the island to spend two weeks at government-run quarantine facilities, where the visitors will pay Castro, Inc. directly for their food and lodging. $$$$$! Ka-ching!

And then, they’re going to quarantine all foreign “dream-holiday” seekers on the beachfront apartheid resorts that dot the keys on the north coast of Cuba. Simply put, all foreigners will be whisked to their apartheid resorts as soon as they land in Castrogonia, and they’re not going to be allowed to leave the premises until it’s time for them to fly back home to their rich capitalist nations.

No mingling with Cubans whatsoever, not even with Graciela the cigar lady or any of her fellow mammies. Awwww…. poor cigar ladies….que lastima, mami….

Undoubtedly, the usual suspects will heap praise on Castro, Inc. for these policies.

Not allowed! Fuhggedabouddit…

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

In phase 2 of the post pandemic tourists staying in the keys of Cuba will not be able to leave there, and Cubans who visit the island in phases 1 and 2 will have to spend two weeks in quarantine in isolation centers authorized by the government, Cuban Public Health Minister Jose Ángel Portal Miranda reported on Friday.

“We have planned […], due to international risk […], in these keys, where we are going to have limited action and tourists who are initially arriving in the country are not going to be able to leave, we will have reinforcements of health personnel to identify anyone who may enter the country with symptoms, regardless of the fact that we are going to do a PCR on all the tourists at the border, ”said Portal Miranda.

PCR is an acronym for Polymerase Chain Reaction, Polymerase Chain Reaction, the diagnostic test that detects traces of the virus’s genetic material.

“Phases 2 and 3 will increase clinical epidemiological surveillance in all hotels,” he said. According to the schedule previously offered in the same program by the Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda, tourism in the keys of the country must begin in the second phase.

Travelers will also have to spend a third week isolated in their homes under sanitary surveillance, the minister said. Although Cuba had initially announced that international flights to and from the island would restart on July 1, the United States Embassy in Havana reported this month that it will not be until August 1.

continue reading HERE in Spanish

Contact with these noble savages is not allowed… Human zoo still temporarly closed due to plague crisis

4 thoughts on “Cuba finds ingenious ways of using COVID-19 plague to fleece Yo-Yo’s, enhance apartheid at tourist resorts”

  1. Don’t cry for the Yo-Yos. They know the score perfectly and choose to pay, I mean play along.

    And don’t blame Castro, Inc. for fleecing people who are practically begging for it.

  2. It’s hard to say who’s more grotesque, the scammy mammy in that photo or her cretinous client.

    Honestly, anyone who can’t see this shit is fake is either very stupid or invested in its being true.

  3. It occurs to me that, just as Fidel Castro’s “charisma” and “political genius” were both highly overrated, Castro, Inc. is not nearly as brilliant as it sometimes appears. It has merely “deceived” those who want or choose to be “fooled” (meaning the willfully blind) or co-opted and “suckered” those who are willing to be collaborators and “victims” knowing full well they’re being used.

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