Cuba’s socialist dictatorship launches campaign to justify police killing of young black Cuban man

Hansel Ernesto Hernandez Galiano

Black Lives Matter everywhere except in socialist countries. After Cuban national police shot and killed an unarmed black man, the communist Castro regime has launched a campaign to justify its police brutality and blame the victim.

It took the Cuban regime three days to even acknowledge the murder of Hansel Ernesto Hernandez Galiano, and then it was done for the sole purpose of labeling him a criminal to justify his execution (via Explica):

The Cuban Interior Ministry (Minint) issued an official note in which it “regrets” the death of the young Hansel Ernesto Hernández Galiano, 26, at the hands of the Police in Guanabacoa, east of Havana, last Wednesday.


The official note is the first official reference to the event, denounced by the country’s independent media and not covered by the media controlled by the Communist Party.

“During the chase – on the run over almost two kilometers – through uneven terrain, the individual, to avoid being arrested, attacked one of the policemen with several stones, one of whom hit him in the crotch, another in the side of the torso and a third dislocates his shoulder and throws him to the floor, « added the Minint in his statement.

Meanwhile, the Cuban dictatorship’s “cyber warriors” have taken to social media to impugn the reputation of Hernandez Galiano and portray him as a common criminal who deserved to get shot (via Martí Noticias – my translation):

At noon on Friday a social media account that publishes posts favorable to the Cuban government, “Guerrero Cubano” [Cuban Warrior], started publishing a version of the events surrounding the death of a young man from Havana on Wednesday presumably at the hands of the police that family members call “character assassination.”


The version of the events published by the so-called “warrior” came more than two days after the killing and after social media became inundated with criticism and condemnation for the National Revolutionary Police (PNR). The official spokesperson even offered a video of the area where the alleged crime took place.

Of course, you won’t hear a peep about this from the American left or the BLM organization. It appears that for them, Black Lives Don’t Matter in a socialist state.

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  1. No, his life does NOT matter, for disgustingly obvious reasons. However, the life of Joanne Chesimard, a convicted murderer who fled from justice into the arms of Castro, Inc., matters a great deal–just ask the usual black suspects, at least the more militant ones. Lord, the contempt.

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