Do Black Lives Matter in socialist Cuba?: Justice for Hansel Ernesto

While the international community has joined the chorus condemning the U.S. over racism and police brutality, they are mum about Hansel Ernesto Hernandez, a young Cuban black man murdered by Castro police.

It seems to them Black Lives Matter in America, but they don’t matter in Cuba.

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

#JusticeForHanselErnesto and #FreeKende: Do Black Lives Matter in Cuba for the International Community?

This Tuesday non-violent demonstrations in Cuba have been called for through social networks to ask for justice and to protest the death of the young black Cuban Hansel E. Hernández. On June 24, 2020 in Havana, Cuba Hansel was shot in the back and killed by the police while allegedly trying to flee. One protest gathering site has been identified as the movie theater Yara in Havana, Cuba.

It took three days for the authorities to report the killing, despite repeated requests for clarity on what had happened.

Hours later, the authorities released a statement indicating that the 27-year-old had been caught by a National Revolutionary Police patrol when, according to the Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT), “he was stealing pieces and accessories from a bus stop”, then fleeing.

During the chase “on the run for almost two kilometers, over uneven terrain”, the young man, to avoid being arrested, “attacked one of the policemen throwing several stones, one of which hit the policeman in the crotch, another in the side of the torso and a third dislocated his shoulder and threw him to the floor,” indicates the statement posted on social networks on June 27th.

In response to Hansel Hernández’s throwing stones, “the soldier fired two warning shots. Immediately afterwards and due to the danger to his life due to the magnitude of the aggression, the policeman riposted from the ground, firing a shot with his regulation weapon that impacts the individual and causes him to die,” continues the official version.

Hernández’s case has caused controversy in the interior of Cuba, where it has been compared with the death of George Floyd, the  Black American who died last May in Minneapolis (United States) during his arrest for a suffocation maneuver made by a white police officer.  

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2 thoughts on “Do Black Lives Matter in socialist Cuba?: Justice for Hansel Ernesto”

  1. Black lives, in Cuba or here, only matter to the usual suspects if they can be used to further their agenda, which is not about what they say it is (just as the Castro “revolution” was NOT about removing Batista, except as a convenient pretext). The key issue is on which side or against whom the victim was positioned or can be placed. All else is largely window dressing.

  2. Just imagine the response to the same thing happening in apartheid South Africa. Go ahead. It’s easy.

    And no, this is not the son Obama supposedly wishes he’d had.

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