Elian Gonzalez grows up to be a tool for Cuba’s murderous Castro dictatorship

Remember when everyone called us hateful and crazy when we said the Castro regime would turn Elian Gonzalez into a propaganda tool if he was returned to communist Cuba? Yeah, well that’s exactly what happened.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Elián González Laments Fame, Calls Fidel ‘My Beacon’

Elián González, a former Cuban refugee famous for his abduction by the administration of President Bill Clinton and return to the island, resurfaced in communist state media this weekend praising Fidel Castro as a “beacon” in his life that he has dedicated “the immense majority” of his life to pleasing.

Castro was responsible for, among other human rights atrocities, the balsero (“rafter”) crisis of the 1990s that pushed tens of thousands of Cubans to flee the island towards the United States on rafts made of car parts and other improvised items. An unknown number died at sea, many presumed drowned and eaten by sharks in the Caribbean.

Among the dead was González’s mother, Elizabet Brotons, who attempted the journey with her son in 1999. González, then five, was rescued off the coast of Florida and brought to his cousins’ family in Florida. After a violent intervention by the Clinton administration that featured federal agents holding the boy and his family at gunpoint, the Clinton administration forcibly shipped González back to Cuba, despite the “wet foot/dry foot” policy that allowed Cuban nationals to stay in the United States if government officials did not spot them before they touched land.

Since his return, González has been a staple in communist propaganda, touted as a trophy for a battle won against the evil American empire.

Now 26, González revealed on Father’s Day that he is expecting a daughter. In recognition of June 28, the day he returned to Cuba, several communist propaganda outlets published interviews with him, documented by the Spain-based newspaper Diario de Cuba.

“Fidel is something like a beacon in my life,” González told the state propaganda outlet Cuba Debate. “Since I met him and we developed a friendship, the immense majority of my efforts have been focused on making my father and our Commander feel proud.”

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3 thoughts on “Elian Gonzalez grows up to be a tool for Cuba’s murderous Castro dictatorship”

  1. I saw this earlier (it happens at least once a year, since the trained parrot has to earn his keep and the regime fully intends to keep using him for propaganda indefinitely). I was tempted to post on it, but it was like warmed-over vomit, and nobody cares anyway except “those people” (who don’t need to hear about it yet again). Certainly, those responsible for sending EG back couldn’t care less about the consequences of their “kindness.” It’s not so much that they didn’t believe us, but that it simply made no difference to them.

    I could (try to) forgive them if, once it became blatantly obvious that EG had been brainwashed (not to say lobotomized), turned into a creepy cultist mouthpiece, and was being shamelessly USED as a Castro tool, they had expressed remorse or at least regret, but they haven’t even feigned concern. Lord, the disgust.

  2. And EG didn’t grow up to be a regime tool–he became one even before he was flown back to his “father” and god, and he’s been one ever since. Obviously, the plan is that he will remain a tool for life.

    Sometimes I toy with the idea that he knows the score but figured (or his relatives helped him figure) that it was better to play along, secure a privileged existence for his whole family, and remain safely on the good side of Castro, Inc. (which would NOT have tolerated being spurned). Alas, I’m afraid that’s at best wishful thinking. The signs of zombification (not to say demonic possession) are all too evident.

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