‘Healthcare’ in socialist Cuba: Man falls off roof, no ambulance available to take him to the hospital

While the media is busy promoting socialist Cuba as a “medical power,” a man fell off a roof in Cuba and there was no ambulance to take him to the hospital. Another great achievement of socialism.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cuban man falls off roof in Cabaiguan and there is no ambulance to transport him to the hospital

Many Cubans who heard about the incident on social media called it “a lack of respect and dignity” for life in Cuba

The capacity of the “medical power” was exposed once again when a Cuban man fell off the roof of a home in the province of Sancti Spiritus. Because there was no ambulance available, he had to be transported to the hospital on a gurney.

This took place in Cabaiguan and was posted on social media, where many expressed their indignation.

Nevertheless, if a man fell off a roof in another country that isn’t the “great medical power” that is Cuba, there is no doubt bystanders would have immediately called for an ambulance as soon as possible after the accident.

This is without considering the man could have internal injuries, which would not be visible and because of the adrenaline, the pain may be initially masked although his life may be in danger.

However, as is usually the case in Cuba, where medicine and medical personnel at hospitals are insufficient, ambulances are also in short supply along with the gas to fuel them. If anyone is seriously injured, there is no vehicle to attend to them.

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  1. Wait, you expected the “revolution” to provide “free” health care AND ambulance service? Maybe once a new sugar daddy has been secured (preferably the US), but don’t bet on that. Move along.

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