UN exposes and denounces executions, torture, disappearances in Cuban colony of Venezuela, but….

From our Bureau of Very Lame Finger Wagging by the United Nations

The U.N. Human Rights Council has actually issued a report on some of the more egregious crimes committed by the Venenozuelan totalitarian state.

The report was released by the Hyper-Leftist High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, a Socialist and former president of Chile, also well-known as a best friend forever of all of Latrine America’s scumbag dictators.

As one might expect, the report is full of half-truths, errors, and distortions, and says nothing about Cuban involvement in all the murdering and torturing.

Since Venenozuela holds a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, the mere fact that some of the truth has been revealed must mean that the whole truth being hidden must be horrifying.

From PanAm Post:

Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, presented a new report on the situation in Venezuela based on the events that took place between June 2019 and May 2020. The document denounces several of the atrocities perpetrated by the security forces of Nicolas Maduro’s tyranny: executions, torture, forced disappearances, persecution of dissidents, and arbitrary arrests.

The 17-page report presented on Thursday consists of complaints about possible human rights violations but also highlights the political, economic, and social situation in the country.

One of the most serious accusations is the alleged execution of 38 young men by the regime’s forces. These murders were allegedly carried out between May 2019 and May 2020 in the states of Anzoátegui, Aragua, Bolívar, Guárico, Lara, Sucre, and Zulia…

…The reports also states that “the victims of the killings documented by OHCHR were all young men, mostly under the age of 30, belonging to low-income families in disadvantaged neighborhoods marked by high crime rates. Some victims had a criminal record, while others did not and were allegedly targeted for personal revenge or due to mistaken identity.”

One of the points addressed by the high commissioner is the attacks by the regime’s armed groups against “political opponents, demonstrators, and journalists.” The tyranny and its law and order forces were complicit in these attacks..

….Michelle Bachelet and her commission denounce and publicize the executions, forced disappearances, torture, and arbitrary arrests by the security forces of the Maduro tyranny. However, it is laughable and even obscene to so repeatedly highlight “the willingness” of the Chavista regime to provide information and help with transparency. If at this stage, there is still a belief in the “good faith” of a tyranny that kills and tortures, then a lot of things are really being done wrong.

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  1. The woman is beyond dubious, and will only do the absolute minimum required to pass for legit (among those predisposed to buy her as such). Nobody beholden to East German dictator Erich Honecker should ever be taken at face value.

  2. What bothers me most about this woman is how much she’s been enabled by people who should NEVER have gone anywhere near ANY socialist, given their historical experience. Latrines are just, well, shitty.

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