Cuban dictatorship announces stricter restrictions and bigger fines for private fisherman

Thanks to socialism, even catching fish on an island surrounded by water is becoming more difficult. While Cubans struggle to find enough food to eat, the communist Castro dictatorship has announced stricter restrictions on private individuals who fish for their food.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cuban government announces new regulations and fines for fisherman on the island

Yet another obstacle to food production in Cuba will soon arrive with the new Fishing Law that will be published in the Official Gazette imposing even stricter regulations on fishing.

It is already illegal to fish without a government permit since all marine resources are the property of the State, and now officials from the Ministry of Food Industry have announced there will be larger fines for those who fish without permits.

Private fisherman, who already have run-ins with State Security agents, will be finding it more difficult to carry out their work and catch fish, shrimp, or crabs.

The new Fishing Law in Cuba

According to Luis Orlando Lopez, the first vice-minister, permits will be issued to fisherman that gives them permission to access the ocean and catch a specific amount of fish.

Nevertheless, the permit will not be granted indiscriminately since the “quality of fishing equipment” will be taken into account.

This means individuals who have scarce supplies to survive and don’t own the proper equipment to fish will be simply ignored by the system.

Likewise, those who engage in “illegal fishing” will be subject to extremely high fines.

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  1. Of course. The fish, and most certainly the lobsters, belong to the “revolution.” Move along.

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