Cubans disgusted by rotten ‘meat’ provided by the State through the ration book

Socialism has not only caused chronic food shortages in Cuba, what little food the communist dictatorship provides is often rotten and inedible. Rotten ground “beef” is just one of the many examples of what socialism looks like in Cuba.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

‘I can’t eat this’: Cuban woman complains about the sale of rotten ground beef

A Cuban mother is complaining about rotten ground beef she was sold at a store, leaving her broke and with nothing to eat that day.

The woman, identified as Emma Gronlier, spoke to CubaNet, denouncing that the meat she purchased was gray and green and could not be used to feed her two daughters or herself.

“I can’t eat this,” said the Cuban woman in a video showing the bag of ground beef.

She said the ground beef was sold to her that morning at the 1487 market in the Marianao section of Havana, where she suspects water was added and that is why it rotted so quickly.

The ground beef is actually made from soy and is the only thing offered to Cubans in the markets through the ration book since pork has disappeared and there is nowhere to buy it.

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4 thoughts on “Cubans disgusted by rotten ‘meat’ provided by the State through the ration book”

  1. Sure she can eat it, and if it makes her sick, she’ll get “free” health care. So what’s the problem here?

  2. That, uh, substance sold as food is a perfect metaphor for the “revolution.” Absolutely perfect.

  3. The food shortages will only get worse over the next couple of years. China is going to have to take its military and go grocery shopping by the middle of next year (maybe sooner). So, with no communists countries to help Cuba is really screwed. Communism thinks of everything.

  4. This sort of thing, which is only one of countless examples, is deeply shameful–but I’m not talking about Castro, Inc., which has no shame and never did. I’m talking about OUR shame as Cubans, because like it or not we belong to a people who are ultimately responsible for Cuba’s fall and ruin. Lord, the revulsion.

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