Happy World Mojito Day! Have one or two–or five or six–in honor of Cuba’s apartheid tourism industry


From our Bureau of Perfectly Acceptable and Immensely Enjoyable Cultural Appropriation

Here we are, living through the Great Awokening, when the slightest sin against leftist values will get you tarred and feathered, or cause some boycott against your business, yet we Cubans have to put up with World mow-hee-tow day.

Leftoids find all “cultural appropriation” inappropiate and offensive.

Remember the Burrito stand in Portland, Oregon, which was forced to shut down because its owners weren’t Mexican? Or the music awards event in Canada that was boycotted because one of the nominees was a non-Inuit who had appropriated Inuit throat-singing? Or the boycott against an Aloha-Poke restaurant in Chicago for appropriating a Hawaiian word ?

These cases are just the frost on the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. I know someone who refuses to wear moccassins because she isn’t a Native American. And apparently she is not alone.

As Steve Martin used to say forty years ago: Well… exccuuuuuuuuuse me!

Get this through your head, man: making and drinking a Cuban mow-hee-tow DOESN’T count as cultural appropriation….

….Yes, that’s correct…. si, si, sen-yorr; si, si, sen-yorr-rita… drinking mow-hee-tows is perfectly alright, especially if done in Castrogonia at an apartheid resort or at the tourist trap Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, which is owned and run by Castro, Incorporated.

And drinking mow-hee-tows outside of Castrogonia is cool because Castrogonia is a hip and magical place to visit, a truly charming human zoo where the noble savages enjoy more “social justice” than anyone else, anywhere on earth.

And enjoying a “dream holiday” in Castrogonia is not only cool and fun, it’s actually a righteous act, especially for those who are politically correct and therefore pure of soul.

And having a World Mow-hee-tow Day is fabulous. Let’s all celebrate the “Revolution” and the apartheid resorts and bars in Cuba that have made this drink so famous!

And, while we’re at it let’s celebrate the Great Awokening and contemplate how similar it is to Castrogonian thinking and to the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution!

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Leftists are never, ever guilty of cultural appropriation because their souls are pure

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  1. Chucky has not aged well. He has become the embodiment of a ditzy dork (and the wife, who looks vulgar as dirt, hardly helps). Neither of them is even remotely distinguished, let alone majestic. Their disgustingly disgraceful Cuba junket los retrata de cuerpo entero. Ugh.

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